Lounge at These Beaches in Donoussa, Greece

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When it comes to white sandy beaches and beautiful secluded scenery, Greece has more than its fair share of stellar destinations. The island of Donoussa is one of these gems because it serves as an alternative paradise for people wanting to get away from the crowd without sacrificing the charm of Greece. Despite the fact that this island doesn’t see as many tourists as some of the other destinations in Greece, it is still While here, you will want to consider visiting one of these amazing beaches. Here’s more information:

Kendros Beach

Listed as Forbes Top 8 “Most Beautiful Beaches in the World 2018”, Kendros boasts a sandy and pebbled beach on the southern side of Donoussa with shimmering turquoise water. The beach is just a short walk from the nearest village, Starvos. It is a popular beach and does attract quite a crowd during the summer. Kendros Beach also hosts a shipwreck that sunk there during WWII.

Livadi Beach

Another white sandy beach on the southern side of Donoussa. Livadi Beach has crystal clear water and is just a 20-minute walk from the village of Mersini. It is said to be the most popular beach in Donoussa but is still very secluded since the island of Donoussa itself does not attract many tourists.

Port Beach

Located in the center of Stavros village by the port of Donoussa, this is the first beach you’ll encounter on the island. It is, without question, the most crowded beach on the island. Most of the taverns, hotels, and amenities can be found near this beach. However, this doesn’t mean that Port Beach lacks any of the spectacular patina of any other beaches on this island. This beach has the best of both worlds with easy access to modern life and the turquoise water and white sand.

Kalotartissa Beach

This tiny pebbled beach is situated by a small cove on the northern side of the island. If you’re looking for an off-the-beaten-path natural haven, this place fits the bill. The adverse side is that Kalotartissa Beach is a bit hard to get to by car. The best way to get to the beach is by boat. However, once you get there, there is a tavern in the village to feed visitors to the area.

Fikio Beach

If Livadi is too lively for you, from the village of Mersini there’s a 30 minutes path that leads to a peninsula to the east. In front of the cave are a tiny white sandy beach and emerald water forming a small cove. Surrounded by rocky landscapes, Fikio is the ideal getaway from people and crowds.

When it comes to scenic beaches and its natural wonder, you can do no wrong with the islands of Greece. However, Mykonos and the other islands in the Cyclades might have become too common of a destination. Donoussa offers those looking for a more quiet getaway free from crowds while its beaches still hold those charms and magical appeal that Greece has been known for.

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