Tour the Castle Ruins on Andros

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The Greek island of Andros is rich in history. Archaeological excavations have revealed settlements, relics, dwellings, temples, and more. If you want to get a more in-depth look at this historical past, you should consider visiting the Castle Ruins. They offer a nice glimpse into what Andros used to be like when the castles were standing. Here’s more information:

About the Castle Ruins

Also known as the Castle of Andros, the castle ruins were once one of the most important castles in the Aegean. It is known as the Lower Castle in order to distinguish it from another important castle on Andros. The castle ruins are located at the eastern side of the island on a small peninsula and inlet. When built, the castle had the benefit of being protected on three sides by water.

After the island of Andros was captured in 1207 by the Venetians, they built three important castles: the Lower Castle; the Upper, also known as Phaneromeni; and the Fort of Makrotantalo, also known as Ostodosia. Marino Dandolo, the builder of the castles, first constructed his personal mansion that sat at the edge of the peninsula.

After the island of Andros was conquered by the Ottoman Navy in 1566, the Lower Castle was used less often and remained in good condition until World War II when the port of Andros was bombed and the castle took a lot of the damage.

Tour the Castle Ruins on Andros

The castle ruins, or The Lower Castle, is a popular attraction on Andros. The view from the area is spectacular as you will see water on three sides. The peninsula where the castle ruins are located is ideal for taking in the surroundings. Don’t forget your camera! Though the castle is now in ruins, it’s not difficult to get a sense of its importance when it stood intact. A small part of the wall that surrounded the settlement can still be seen today.

Also surviving today are two towers. One tower is large and rectangular. This tower is located near the center of the site. The second tower is smaller and sits at the northeast corner. Both towers included a cistern and at least one floor that was suitable as living quarters. These towers were likely constructed during the early part of the 13th century.

The islet is connected to the peninsula via a round-arched stone bridge. The isle fort and the Lower Castle are both contemporary, which was a common medieval practice.

Getting to the Castle Ruins

You can get to the island of Andros by ferry from Athens. There is no airport on Andros, but you can fly into Athens and take the ferry from the port of Rafina to Andros. The trip takes just two hours, which will pass quickly as you admire the passing Greek scenery. If you fly into Mykonos, you can also catch a ferry from there that will take you to Andros.

Once on Andros, getting to the castle ruins is most conveniently done by rental car or taxi. You can also walk to the castle ruins from Kairi Square. The castle is located at the waterfront of Chora.

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