Visit Saint Spyridon on Corfu Greek Island

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Corfu is one of those places that has been captivating people for centuries. Situated off the coast of Greece in the Ionian Sea, the island has a rich history that will fascinate any visitor. People are drawn here because of its beauty, but once they do arrive they find that there is plenty to see and do. One of the must-see places on the island is the Saint Spridon Orthodox Church because of its history and religious significance. Here’s more information:

Getting to Saint Spyridon

Before you can make your way to the Church of Saint Spyridon, you need to first make it to Corfu. Daily flights leave from Athens, and ferries run to Corfu regularly You can also take a ferry. Buses and taxis run from the airport into the main town. Once in Corfu, it is very easy to navigate to the Church of Saint Spyridon. The church is located in the Old Town of Corfu. Walk down a narrow right in the center of Old Town, and visitors will arrive at the Church of Saint Spyridon.

About Saint Spyridon

Saint Spyridon is the patron saint of Corfu island. Saint Spyridon led a pious life, and as the patron saint of Corfu, he is believed to have miraculously saved the island from horrible events such as Ottoman invasion as well as releasing the island from plague. This famous church was dedicated to him and it is considered a holy site, and it is considered to be a beautiful site to see.

The church  towers over the rest of Old Town, and it is a great example of Venetian architecture. The red dome of the church grabs the attention of any visitor. Incredibly detailed icons are housed within the church, as well as stunning displays of silver. The streets surrounding the church are bustling, but within the walls of the church quiet descends. It is a very peaceful and calming place to visit. If one is visiting for religious reasons, within the church lie the relics of Saint Spyridon.

What to Do at Saint Spyridon

Depending on a visitor’s mood, there are many options of things to do at Saint Spyridon. Visitors can attend a service, as the church is still an active Greek Orthodox church. If visiting at certain times of the year, Saint Spyridon’s remains are carried in a litany as part of a celebration of his miracles for the island. Local bands are part of the litany and it is an incredible tradition to experience.

Visitors can also tour the church, taking in the rich culture on display in the church, with sculptures and paintings adorning the walls. Visitors should be sure to look up as the ceiling itself is a stunning display. Just outside the church are small shops that visitors can peruse and find items to purchase.

The Church of Saint Spyridon is an emotionally moving place to visit. While there are many beautiful sights to see on Corfu, this is one place that every visitor must take a moment to see. With a rich history and amazing displays of art and architecture this church is a site that you won’t want to miss!

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