Beaches to Visit When in Kea, Greece

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The Greek island of Kea has some of the greatest beaches of all the Greek islands. Thanks to its proximity to Athens, the island of Kea is easy to get to. When visiting Kea, you will have the opportunity to see and do many things, but you won’t want to miss lounging on the beautiful beaches. Here are some of the beaches you can enjoy when in Kea.

Pisses Beach

Located 12 km southwest of Ioulida and 17 km from the Port of Korissia, Pisses Beach is family friendly and organized. The beach is located on a fertile plain and surrounded by mountains. Pine trees grow in abundance behind the beach and the valley is filled with gardens of vegetables. The beach itself is in a protected bay. Pisses Beach experiences the summer winds of Meltemi, which can create rough waters at times.

This is ideal for anyone who loves to surf. When the waters are more calm, it is a good beach for swimming and snorkeling. If you enjoy camping, Pisses Beach is the only campground on the island of Kea. When you want to explore the surrounding area, the hill to the left of the beach is where you will find the ruins of the ancient Piiessa. On the hill to the right of Pisses Beach is the Church of Agios Sotira and the ancient Piiessa cemetery.

Spathi Beach

Spathi Beach on the island of Kea is located 13 km northeast of Ioulida. This sandy and partly organized beach is the perfect destination for families, especially if you are looking to enjoy a less crowded beach experience. Spathi Beach isn’t as frequented as some of the other beaches. The beach is home to Spathi Beach Bar & Restaurant where you can enjoy Greek, Mediterranean, and seafood meals. There is a full bar as well as outdoor seating and parking available. Spathi Beach is accessible via the bus route that goes from Ioulida to Korissos.

Melissaki Beach

For a more secluded beach experience, Melissaki Beach is just 8 km northwest of Ioulida. The beach is close to Korissia, but doesn’t get loud or crowded, so you will experience a peaceful The pebbled beach of Melissaki is close to Xyla Beach, which also offers a quiet atmosphere. Since there are no facilities at Melissaki Beach, it’s a good idea to bring your own supplies. This is the perfect beach to spend time and admire the surrounding landscape.

Kambi Beach

Kambi Beach is located 18 km southwest of Ioulida. This beach is at a protected bay close to Koundouros. Its proximity to Koundouros makes Kambi Beach a popular destination. The beach is family friendly and organized. Kambi is a sandy beach that features beautiful blue water that is perfect for swimming. The beach is surrounded by mountains and impressive cliffs that hang over the sea. If you enjoy hiking, the nearby hills are ideal for exploring nature and taking in the landscape.

Visit these beaches when on the island of Kea to soak up the sun and experience the best this island has to offer.

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