Hiking the Corfu Trail While on the Island

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When people travel to Greek islands like Corfu, they are drawn to the sun, the island’s beauty, and the opportunity to experience some of the culture. There are also plenty of historical sites, museums, and other landmarks to enjoy. Visitors and locals alike also love to sit at some of the beaches and soak up the sun. However, that’s not all there is to do while on the island. Corfu is known for its physical beauty and walking is a popular pastime here that people do to enjoy it. Here’s more information about the Corfu Trail, the main walking trail on the island:

Getting to the Corfu Trail

The Corfu Trail is quite long, which means that you can access it from multiple places all over the island. However, the most popular place to start this trail is at its official beginning, which is located south of the village of Kavos. Before you can enjoy the trail, you need to make it to the island, however, You can do so by taking a ferry into one of the ports on Corfu or you can take a flight into its regional airport. Kavos is located on the southeastern part of the island.

About the Corfu Trail

Corfu is known for its natural, physical beauty. The Corfu Trail was founded in 2001 and has the purpose of showcasing the island’s beauty. The trail will give people a glimpse of the sea, some olive groves, and some of the unique geographical features on the island. It is about 220 kilometers, or about 155 miles. The unique thing about this trail is that the trail is relatively unspoiled and it definitely shows people what the island looks like when you get away from the tourist and resort areas on the island.

Hiking the Corfu Trail

In order to successfully hike the trail, it is important to be prepared. Chances are pretty good that you won’t want to do the whole trail all at once. People often do hike the whole trail during their visit on the island. They spend their days walking and then they spend the night in hotels along the way.

However, you can hike as much of the trail as you want. You’ll want to research in advance so you can see where you want to originate it from. The major starting points for the trail include Corfu Town, Agios Georgios north and south, Aharavi, Barbati, Benitses, Kalami, Kavos, Liapades, Paleokastritsa, Paramonas, and Pelekas, and each has a different view.

For example, if you begin your hike in Kavos, you will soon encounter sites like olive groves and natural vegetation inside a traditional Greek forest. From there, you’ll be able to see the ruins of a monastery and then a gorgeous view of the sea. When you begin your walk, you will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the view.

While on the island of Corfu, you should consider hiking the Corfu Trail to see some of the island’s natural beauty.


The Corfu Trail

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