Enjoy the Diverse Nightlife of Athens

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Athens, Greece.Athens is Greece’s largest city, which means that there’s no shortage of nightlife to enjoy. Since Athenians love going out, that means that no matter what you do, you’re sure to bump into plenty of locals, as well. On any given night, you can have either a traditional Greek experience or something a little more modern. Here are some ideas that will satisfy every mood:

Find Local Listings

There’s no shortage of events to attend in Athens and the offerings do change every week. Whether you’re interested in seeing a play or enjoying traditional music, you need to find out what the city has to offer during your stay. As soon as you arrive in Athens, try to pick up the latest issue of the current events magazine Athinorama, which comes out every Thursday.

Book Tickets in Advance

If you know you’re going to be in Athens on a certain date, you can book tickets for popular shows well in advance. For example, if you know that you want to attend a classical performance or ballet as part of the Athens & Epidaurus Festival that takes place in the summer, you’ll want to find the program listing in advance so you can get tickets for the performances you want to see.

Enjoy Traditional Greek Music

Traditional music is a big part of the Greek culture so city offers many opportunities for visitors to enjoy it. Many of the best are concentrated in Central Athens, which is in close proximity to most major hotels and tourist locations. Ask at your hotel or pay attention to local listings to find out about any famous Greek music acts. You can also visit some of the city’s top venues for local music. Zoom and Mostrou, which are both located in the Plaka, regularly have traditional music.

Visit a Nightclub or Bar

If you would like to experience the more modern side of Greek nightlife, you’ll want to visit one of the city’s top nightclubs. Often, these places are a one-stop shop. You can eat a great meal, have a few drinks, and even dance. Ask at your hotel for recommendations or visit areas such as Psyrri, which have a high concentration of some of the city’s best clubs.

Eat a Great Meal

It seems that no matter how late it is, there’s always someone serving food in Athens. The Greek people eat much later than we’re used to, and even families could be dining in their favorite restaurants at 9 PM or even later. The city has no shortage of great restaurants so you may want to ask at your hotel for advice. Visit Spondi on Pirronos street for a modern take on Mediterranean cuisine. If something traditional is more your speed,

Listen to Modern Music

There’s much more to the music scene in Athens than its traditional offerings. Many popular, international acts also enjoy popularity in the city so you can often attend one of their concerts. Athens even has a popular jazz club called Half Note Jazz Club, which brings in acts from all over the world.

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