Tour Faneromenis Castle in Andros, Greece

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The cosmopolitan island of Andros is part of the Cyclades group in the Aegean Sea. The island is unique in the area as it boasts beautiful greenery. The landscape, villages, and food will draw you to Andros. Once there, you will want to explore attractions Andros has to offer. Faneromenis Castle is one of the amazing sites that you visit while in Andros:

About Faneromenis Castle in Andros

Faneromenis Castle, also known as The Old Lady’s Castle or Pano Kastro, is located close to Kochylou on Andros Island. The castle was built by the Venetians during the Middle Ages to keep pirates from attacking the island. Not only could Faneromenis Castle defend against pirates, but it offered an expansive view of the sea, which allowed pirates attempting to approach to be seen. There is a legend that says there were tunnels that led from Faneromenis Castle to the coast of Melissa.

The nearby village of Kochylou was built on a slope and is distinctive due to the tiled roofs of the houses. It looks quite different to the surrounding villages. Kochylou offers a beautiful panoramic view that is worth visiting the village for. The twisting stone paths and idyllic springs of the village add to its charm. Enjoy coffee at one of the local coffee shops when you’re ready for a relaxing, quiet moment.

Tour Faneromenis Castle in Andros, Greece

When visiting Faneromenis Castle, you will notice there isn’t much left of the structure, but there is still plenty to explore. Some sections still remain in good condition and are worth the trip to see. There are portions of the wall that are still standing. This will help give you an idea of how the rest of the wall looked back in the day.

If you enjoy a relaxing walk, Faneromenis Castle and the surrounding area are the ideal spot. Not only can you explore the remnants of the castle, but the view of the Aegean Sea is impressive as well. Near the entrance Faneromenis Castle, to the left of the gate, you will see a cave. This cave is rich in stalactites.

How to Get to Faneromenis Castle in Andros

There is no airport on the island of Andros, so you can take a ferry from the port of Rafina. If you are traveling to Andros from Athens, there is a bus that goes from Athens to Rafina where you will board the ferry. You can also take a ferry from Mykonos to Andros. Once on Andros Island, getting around is quite convenient and inexpensive, especially if you take the public bus, known as KTEL. You can also explore the island by car, scooter, bike, and on foot.

To get to Faneromenis Castle, you must make your way to Kochylou. From the village, you can hike up a path that will lead you to the castle. Enjoy the view as you ascend to your destination.

When spending time on Andros Island in Greece, be sure to set aside time to tour Faneromenis Castle.

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