What to Do in Katakolo Greece

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Katakolo is one of those idyllic seaside villages that represent the best of what Greece has to offer. It separates two major bodies of water. On one side, you will find the Ionian Sea and on the other, the Gulf of Kyparissia. It’s close to the village of Pyrgos as well as Agios Andreas, which was near Ancient Olympia. Although the whole area attracts visitors from around the world, Katakolo stands on its own as offering an amazing seaside experience to all of its guests. Here’s a look at what you can do while visiting here:

Take a Tour of the Area

Although Katakolo doesn’t necessarily top the lists of must-see historical places in Greece, it does have a rich history. Most tour experiences not only give an overview of the history of Katakolo, but they also take visitors to the ancient archaeological site at Olympia, which is nearby. As you may recall, Olympia is where the ancient olympic games were held. There are several tour companies in the area and each offers a unique and historical experience. If you don’t want to join a tour group, consider hiring a taxi driver who could also take you around to the area’s main historical sites and give you an overview of the place through his or her eyes. Ask around for advice as to the best tour you should take for your needs.

Enjoy a Unique Beer Experience

When people think of drinking in Greece, beer doesn’t necessarily come to mind. The truth is, there is a thriving beer culture here and there are some excellent breweries. The original Greek monarch, King Otto, came from Bavaria, which is now a part of Germany, and he introduced a modern beer culture to the Greeks. Consider taking the “Beer-Bike Tour”, which is both a tour and a beer-drinking event in one. Those who have taken the tour report that it is cost effective, filled with some great beers, and even includes some Greek dancing on the beach!

Visit the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology

Although we don’t think of technology when we recall the days of Ancient Greece, it was truly a technological time filled with many important inventions. The Museum of Ancient Greek Technology, located near Katakolo’s port, is one of those places that celebrates all these technological advancements. Visitors report that the museum is well laid out and interesting and that it was an excellent place to spend some time. This is a museum that celebrates some of the things that the Ancient Greeks invented and even though it’s small, it is packed with information and examples.

It’s true that Katakolo provides a jumping off point for one of the most interesting archeological sites in all of Greece – Ancient Olympia, where the first Olympic games were held. However, that’s not all there is to do here. Besides enjoying the port area, visiting the beach, and eating a great meal, there are plenty of other things to do here. You can’t go wrong with a visit here!


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