Visit The Golden Beach of Paros Island Greece

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Golden Beach, which is located on the Greek island of Paros, is a long sandy beach that provides both tranquility and plenty of fun activities. It was named Golden Beach because the fine sand provides a sparkling effect when the sun hits the beach. This is an incredible spot for people of all ages including families. The beach has really soft sand that is a light, golden color and also has several activities to enjoy. Here’s more information:

About the Beauty of Golden Beach

One of the first reasons to choose this destination is the sheer beauty. Golden Beach provides luxurious sand, crystal clear water, and stunning white rocks on the beach and in the water. This is a beach that provides a gorgeous setting for swimming and lounging in the sand.

Tourists and locals alike enjoy the beach because of its stunning scenery and shallow water. Visitors can enjoy wading pretty far out into the water since it is shallow farther out than most beaches. There’s also a tiny uninhabited island across from the beach that is accessible by boat.

Activities to Do at Golden Beach

The beach has several different types of bars and restaurants to choose from. There are nightclubs and live music featured all night in the vicinity of Golden Beach. There are also restaurants in the area that serve up delicious seafood. Even if you’re staying somewhere that’s not within walking distance, there is bus service provided until late at night to bring you down to the beach.

Visitors may never tire of lounging on the beach and swimming in the pristine water, but if they’re looking for something more active there’s plenty to choose from. There is tennis and horseback riding and plenty of boat tours to enjoy.There is also diving and several different types of water sports. Visitors can also enjoy a long walk from one end of the beach to the other. Golden Beach is considered a long beach at approximately 700 meters in length.

Go Windsurfing on Golden Beach

Even though there are lots of activities to choose from, windsurfing is perhaps the best known. When the conditions are right, visitors can enjoy some of the best wind conditions anywhere for windsurfing. A beach club called “Punta Club” is right next to the beach and they offer plenty of opportunities for windsurfing.

This particular beach offers such great windsurfing that each August both amateurs and professionals come to enjoy the World Cup in Professional Windsurfing. Golden Beach offers wind surfing for the whole family, even the kids. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or not since there are instructors available.

Those who are looking for sand, sun, and fun in a gorgeous location won’t want to miss Golden Beach in Paros, Greece. There are a variety of hotels and apartments available close to the beach. Both local buses and private transportation are available when traveling to the beach. Visitors can book an incredible vacation online. Once at the hotel you can rent an umbrella or a sunbed for lounging when you get to the beach.

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