Historical Monuments to Visit in Kos, Greece

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Kos is one of those islands that people flock to each year, even though it is smaller than some of the others. It is well known for its beaches, but the island also has a lot of impressive and important historical monuments that are worth visiting, as well. Here are some historical monuments that you should make time to see when in Kos:

Roman Odeon

Built by the Romans during the 2nd and 3rd centuries, the Roman Odeon, also known as the ancient Odeon, was found in Kos in the early 20th century. The Odeon, along with the Roman baths and the gymnasium were all found in good condition. When visiting the Roman Odeon, you will have the benefit of exploring many interesting sites in one condensed area. You can spend an afternoon walking the grounds and admiring the Odeon and its rows of seats, some made of granite and others of marble. The marble seats were reserved for the most important spectators.

Casa Romana

Casa Romana translates to the Roman House and is an important example of the architectural style that was popular on the island of Kos during the Hellenistic and Roman Times. Casa Romana is a mansion that was built on the ruins of another house during the 2nd century. The house features frescoes that depict impressive scenes, including one which shows a bear being attacked by a panther. The house is made up of 3 atriums and 36 rooms. The largest atrium in the house has a floor covered in mosaic and paintings on the walls.

Antimachia Venetian Castle

Located in Kos, on a small hill above the village of Antimachia is the Castle of Antimachia, also known as Antimachia Venetian Castle. The castle was built during the 14th century through the 15th century by the Order of the Knights of Saint John. Above the main gate, you will see the year 1494 inscribed. While the inside of the church is rather sparse today, you can see the Church of Agio Nikolaos and the Church of Agia Paraskevi. Antimachia Venetian Castle offers a wonderful view of the sea and surrounding area.

Byzantine Castle of Kos

Constructed during the Byzantine times, the Castle of Kos is located a short distance from the village of Pyli on the island of Kos. The Byzantine Castle of Kos is on a hilltop of Mount Dikeo above the now abandoned village. During Medieval times, the castle was restored by the Knights of Saint John, who had conquered the island, and used it to protect the area from pirate and other enemy attacks.

Temple of Apollo

At the Asklepeion site just 3.5 miles southwest of Kos, Greece, is the Temple of Apollo. Asklepeion is an ancient medical center that was built during the early part of the 3rd century BC. The second terrace of the Asklepeion is where visitors will find restored columns of the Temple of Apollo, which was constructed during the 2nd century BC. Also at the second terrace, you will find the ruins of two smaller temples as well as the oldest part of construction, the ruins o

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