Visit Kalamitsi Beach in Sithonia

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Kalamitsi is a small town in the in Sithonia, in the CHalkidiki region of Central Macedonia, which is on the Greek mainland. Some of Greece’s most gorgeous beaches are located in this adorable town. The beaches in Kalamitsi have earned the blue flag, indicating that they uphold the strictest requirements for sanitization and security. Kalamitsi’s beaches are undoubtedly worth visiting, with calm water that is an exquisite shade of turquoise and soft white sand. You should plan to visit while in Greece. Here’s more information about this beach:

About Kalamitisi Beach

The beaches are in the shape of a semicircle surrounded by a cove. The cove has three crystal clear beaches with shallow water ideal for children and inexperienced swimmers. All the beaches are roughly the same size, have the same ideal soft sand and astonishingly emerald, crystal clear water, but have different characteristics.

As a result of being exposed to the sea, Kalamitsi occasionally experiences waves, but this could work to its advantage. It almost never feels too hot because there is a constant light breeze. Its sandy beach, along with the entire resort, is its most unique feature. The beach is very well maintained. To enjoy a fantastic view, swim to the tiny island and hike to the top. The beach is well-maintained and has sun loungers from beach hotels and bars.

The more isolated eastern beach is a nudist haven. It would be best to walk up a small hill to get there. The third is located directly south of the camping area. It offers all the amenities in addition to a range of water sports activities like canoe and scuba diving rentals.

What to Do at Kalamitsi Beach

It has stunning beaches with warm water even in September. On the beach itself, there are a variety of beach bars and eateries. You can also stroll on the hill next to the beach.

It is an excellent place to hone your skills if you enjoy diving. There are professional trainers available to guide you and assist others. Kalamitsi has fantastic diving spots, coral reefs, caves, and gorges. There is also a lot of sea life; you will have a great time diving.

Vatya Gonia is one of three beaches in Kalamitsi. It’s a tiny beach with no amenities, but it stands out because it’s a designated nudist beach. So this is the place to be if you have the guts to walk around naked and enjoy the direct sunlight on your naked body. On the beach, you’ll find a small, close-knit community of nudists who have been returning a few years or even a decade.

Getting to Kalamitsi Beach

Kalamitsi is situated on the Greek island of Sithonia. The most convenient mode of transportation is by car. Take highway E75 and follow the road signs to get to Kalamitsi. If you don’t want to rent a car, you can find buses to Kalamitsi in Thessaloniki and Athens.

There isn’t a designated parking area, but there is space for most visitors along the beach. Kalamitsi is a beautiful place to visit with loved ones or friends. It offers some guest rooms as well as a few authentic Greek taverns. Be prepared for crowds because they tend to build up quickly during high season.

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