Walk the Kali Strata on the Greek Island Symi

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Symi is on of those islands in Greece that is too often overlooked. However, it is one of those places that really shouldn’t be ignored! Symi is know for its beauty and charm, and visitors admire it long before they officially set foot on the island itself. The view from the sea is particularly memorable, so if you’re approaching the island by ferry, don’t forget to snap a few pictures on the approach.

Because the island is so beautiful, it is a good idea to spend time admiring its beauty. There is no better way to do this than on the Kali Strata. Here’s more information:

Getting to the Greek Island Symi

There is actually no airport on the island of Symi, which means that you have no choice but to take a ferry or a boat. Of course, you could always fly into Athens and then take a ferry from the nearby port of Piraeus. However, another option is to take a flight from Athens to one of the nearby islands, such as Rhodes, and then take a boat or ferry from one of those islands. Remember that much of the beauty of the island can actually be seen from the ocean so while approaching Symi, you’ll want to find a place on the boat where you can enjoy the view and snap a few pictures. Ferries run all year, but there will likely be more options during peak season.

Walking the Kali Strata

Once you find your way to the island, you’ll want to find some time to walk on the Kali Strata. This is a fairly intense hill climb that involves around five hundred steps. Technically, it is a road that stretches between the villages of Gialos and Chorio. People tend to take this hike in order to make it to the top of a large hill so that they can enjoy the view. It takes about five hundred steps upwards in order to make it to the hill. However, you are also welcomed to use the Kali Strata as it was originally intended – to offer a route between the two villages.

The original intent of the Kali Strata was to give the wealthy population on the island a chance to walk home in a meandering and pleasant environment. Today, this well maintained pathway still has the same feel that it did back then when it was created. The path takes people through a journey between the two villages while boasting incredible views of the architecture and scenery on the island. Since the walk was designed to cater to the wealthy merchants, it is also well maintained and very comfortable. The pathway is wide and comfortable and side from the hills, it is pretty easy on the feet and legs. However, the stones tend to be slippery so it is important to wear the right shoes while walking it. You may also want to bring a hiking stick or walking poles to assist you while making the downhill climb.

While on the island of Symi, you won’t want to miss the chance to walk on the Kali Strata!

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