What to Do in Archangelos on Rhodes

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Rhodes is one of those islands that feels like it is cut from a different time. Besides that, there are plenty of villages on Rhodes to enjoy and they each have their own charm. Here, you will find  ividly colored homes and quaint shops that dot the streets. Villagers are friendly and make people feel welcome. Cafes and tavernas offer true Greek dining experiences.

There are also plenty of shops featuring things like pottery and other traditional crafts. In fact, there is quite a lot to do here. When you visit, you won’t be disappointed. Here’s more information about some of the things you can do while here:

Olive Oil Factory

Olive oil is something that Greece has been known for since antiquity. Visitors absolutely ove having the opportunity to watch olive oil being made using modernized presses. There are also tasting and sampling opportunities here, such as the rosemary infused olive oil. It is also fun to sample pure Greek olive oil made into soaps and cosmetics.

Bonis Ceramics

Ceramics lovers enjoy a visit to Bonis Ceramics. The tour includes the factory and workshop and behind the scenes history of the ceramic pieces of Archangelos Rhodes. Bold colors and finely crafted vases, urns and other pieces appeal to the eye and tempt visitors to leave with a piece of their own. Pottery and ceramics are something that people actually visit the village to find.

Church of Michael the Archangel

A prominent example of Greek architecture, this church was restored to its former glory back in 2000. The original buildings are still on the grounds. Visitors can find remnants of the frescoes that once decorated the original building’s interior there. It was also once used as a shelter for families in need. Visitors are welcome to take a browse through the church, but they are asked to dress properly. Ask at your hotel for more information.

Faethon Miniature Horses Farm

A refuge for miniature horses that gives visitors a glimpse into early life in Archangelos Rhodes. Now nearly extinct, these miniature horses once roamed free and were sometimes targeted by trappers and shooters. Today, this horse farm is a safe haven for the horses where they are cared for. The end result is that visitors can come and enjoy these horses. The farm is absolutely worth a visit!

Stegna Beach

If you love the beach, you don’t need to go far away from the village to enjoy it! Sure, you’ll need to drive a bit, but the effort is worth it. Enjoy a brisk swim build sand castles or soak in the sun in loungers shaded by parasols. It’s a uniquely blissful experience. It is also a scenic beach and one that makes an enjoyable outing. Besides lounging in the sun and swimming you can also enjoy other activities, such as snorkeling, here.

Archangelos villag, located on the island of Rhodes features a wealth of interesting attractions appealing to couples, families and anyone with wide-ranging interests. Visiting is a life enriching experience that is meant to be shared. Be sure to bring a camera to capture all the fun!

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