Visit Kassiopi Tower in Corfu

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The Greek island of Corfu is rich in history that can be seen around every corner. It is also incredibly beautiful and one that you will delight in visiting. One of the most interesting historical monuments is Kassiopi Tower. Here’s what you should know about Kassiopi Tower in Corfu.

Getting to Kassiopi Tower in Corfu

You can get to the Greek island of Corfu by plane or by ferry. Ioannis Kapodistrias, the airport of Corfu, is located near Corfu Town. It mainly receives flights from Athens and Thessaloniki, but during the summer months also receives some flights from abroad as well as other Greek islands. Ferries arriving at Corfu come from Patra and Igoumenitsa. The ferry is from Igoumenitsa at 90 minutes. Ferries also come to Corfu from Italy. Once on the island of Corfu you can get around by renting a car, taking a taxi, or by bus.

Visit Kassiopi Tower in Corfu

Kassiopi Tower is considered one of the most interesting and imposing architectural remains of all the Ionian Islands. The tower alone is worth the visit, but the view from the site is quite breathtaking. From the location on top of the hill you can see the surrounding areas. As Kassiopi Tower was empty for so long, much of it remains in ruins, but what’s left is worth exploring. The walk up to Kassiopi Tower is slightly steep, but not too strenuous. Olive trees surround the area creating an idyllic setting.

About Kassiopi Tower in Corfu

Located on a hill at the north side of the town of Corfu is the Tower of Kassiopi, also known as the Fortress of Kassiopi. The tower is thought to have been constructed during the 12th century, but it may have been earlier as bronze coins were found at the site of Kassiopi Tower from the reigns of Byzantine emperors Maurice (582 – 602 AD) and Basil (976 – 1025). Kassiopi Tower was built to help protect the port and fishing town from pirates and other enemy attacks. Kassiopi Tower overlooks the harbor and surrounding areas. The tower features some Roman and Byzantine foundations. During Venetian rule in the 14th century, Kassiopi Tower was damaged by the Ottomans.

The tower was one of three built to defend the island. Together they formed a triangle: Kassiopi guarding the northeast, Gardiki guarding the south, and Angelokastro guarding the northwest. From its location, Kassiopi Tower overlooks the Corfu Channel. This gave the tower strategic importance. Kassiopi Tower never played a major role in the history of Corfu as it was abandoned quite early, but it remains an important and interesting monument.

In 1267 the Angevins took over the tower until it fell to the Venetians in 1386. The Venetians ordered the destruction of Kassiopi Tower because the defenders resisted the takeover. The Venetians would surrender Crete to the Ottomans in 1669. At this time, the Venetians would increase their defences of the island of Corfu. After the second siege of the island of Corfu in 1716, the Venetians rebuilt Kassiopi Tower.

While on the Greek island of Corfu, you should take the time to visit Kassiopi Tower.

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