Visit the Beautiful Kendros Beach on Donoussa

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In the South Aegean Sea lies a chain of Grecian islands called the Cyclades. On the small island of Donoussa, you can find a little-known beach, Kendros Beach. Located between two small villages, this beach area has little development and picturesque views. This is everything you need to know to check out one of the best hidden gems in the Cyclades.

About Kendros Beach

Kendros Beach is a small, white-sand beach that is a walkable distance from the nearby village of Stavros. You do not have to contend with many tourists at this beach, but it is popular with the residents. It has stunning cliffside views of the Aegean and turquoise waters. It also has calm waters, which makes it a great choice for kids or casual swimmers. Since the strand is short, there are several rocky areas. While the water is calm, the wind in the bay can be strong. This makes Kendros a great choice for kite sports but not for surfing. You cannot find a lifeguard, but the beach does have facilities. The locals take pride in keeping this beach clean, even during the high season.

What to Do at Kendros Beach

One of the most interesting things for tourists to do at Kendros Beach is to go nude. If you want to go without your clothes, it is acceptable to tan and swim without your bathing suit at this beach. Keep in mind that it is still a family beach. You can grab a drink or a meal made with local ingredients from Taverna Kedros, the beach’s only restaurant. The restaurant is right on the beach, has lots of outdoor seating, and is one of the few places on the beach with shade. Check out a piece of history from World War II right in the bay. About thirteen feet deep is the remaining hull from a German warship the British sank during the war. You can also join some locals on the island camping on the beach in the summer months.

Getting to Kendros Beach

Kendros Beach does not have any roads leading to it. Instead, you can choose from walking, taking a bus, or riding a boat. All of these options begin at Stavros Port. Follow the marked path from Stavros Port to the beach. It takes a fifteen to twenty-minute walk. The hike is also steep in places, but it provides opportunities to take pictures. Since the hike can be rough for some, children or those with mobility issues should examine the other options to get to the beach. You can take a bus from the port to the beach or the other nearby towns. Ride a water taxi to the beach, and you can also arrange a tour. Prices are cheap to get around the island.

Kendros Beach on Donoussa Island is a rare Greek beach that has all of the beauty you would expect without the issues of overcrowding. While those outside the island may not know about it, the locals use it as a place for communities to gather.


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