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If you’re looking for a place that is rich with history, Rhodes Island is the place you want to visit. The Old Town of Rhodes is one of the most well-preserved medieval cities. You will also find archaeological sites, monasteries, monuments, and castles. One of the castles on Rhodes Island is Kritinia Castle. Here’s what you should know about Kritinia Castle.

About Kritinia Castle

Located 131 meters above the village of Kritinia you will find the castle of Kritinia. The village of Kritinia is located on a hillside between the western coast of Rhodes Island and Mount Attavyros. Kritinia Castle is a Venetian castle that was built in the 1472 by Giorgio Orsini. The location of the castle offers a 360 degree view, which came in handy when pirates and enemy attacks were commonplace.

When Kritinia Castle was first established, it was divided into three levels. Each level belonged to a different Grand Master. In 1840, Ottoman Turks sent 100,000 soldier throughout Rhodes in an attempt to invade and conquer the island. They would try to seize Kritinia Castle, but after many battles and bloodshed, the Ottomans finally retreated. The castle was left with much damage, but the Knights did not waste any time in restoring to the castle. The castle is also known as Kastellos, especially to the locals. The village of Kritinia was originally called Kastelli, meaning castle.

Visiting Kritinia Castle in Rhodes

Only the outer defensive walls of the castle remain today, but within the walls there are remnants of a chapel that was devoted to Saint John. Here you can see 16th century wall paintings that have stood the test of time. What else has remained are the coat of arms for two of the Grand Masters. One belongs to Grand Master Origny (1467 – 1476) and the other belongs to Grand Master D’Amboise (1503 – 1512).

You will be in awe of the panoramic view that the location of the castle offers. The castle is open to the public 24 hours a day, so if you plan it right, you will be treated to a lovely sunset. You can explore the castle of Kritinia on your own or take a tour that includes the castle as one of its attractions.

In the village of Kritinia, you will find traditional cafés and tavernas where you can enjoy a meal with a breathtaking view. A short distance from Kritinia Village is Skala Kamirou. Here you can relax at the beach or visit the remains of Ancient Kamiros.

Getting to Kritinia Castle

Kritinia Castle is located 48 km from Rhodes Town. If you’re driving, it will take about an hour. You can also take public transportation as both the village of Kritinia and the castle are on a bus route. The village of Kritinia is 35 km from Rhodes International Airport, which is convenient if you are arriving from outside the island of Rhodes.

Kritinia Castle will make a great addition to your trip to Rhodes Island, Greece.

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