Journey Through Time at the Medieval City of Rhodes

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The Medieval City of Rhodes, also referred to as Rhodes Old Town, feels as if it was transported from another time and place. It’s incredibly well preserved, which means that it offers the perfect platform to learn about the rich history on the island. At one point, the island served as the head of the Knights of Saint John. Those days are over, but the historical sites still remain. Here’s a glimpse at what the best way to experience this historical place:

Be Sure to Walk the Streets

There are over two hundred old streets that weave through this city, and to visitors who are accustomed to cities that are on a grid, it can feel a little chaotic. Unless you have a map or a really good memory, it’s easy to get lost here. Though truthfully, that’s part of the fun! If you want to walk the streets with a greater sense of purpose, consider taking a walking tourh of the area. This will give you a great overview of the layout as well as the history of the place.

Street of the Knights

Considered the most important street in the old city, the Street of the Knights is something you won’t want to miss! This is a well preserved, cobblestoned street that contains omst of the major historical sites in the Medieval City of Rhodes, including the Palace of the Grand Master and the old hopsital. Although these buildings are no longer in use, they certainly paint a beautiful picture of what life used to be like,

Tour the Palace of the Grand Master

This palace was built on an old Byzantine site by the Knights of Saint John. Also referred to as the Kastello, this palace was the place that served as the center of activity for the knights, and where the Grand Master lived. It was also considered to be the adminstrative center of the knights. Although the knights are long gone, the palace is well preserved, which makes it not only a joy to walk through, but also serves as the ideal spot for learning all about the knights via a guided tour.

Great Hospital

Like any great citadel, there’s always a hospital! The Great Hospital, which is located on the Street of Knights, is a great example of a hospital typical of the medieval period. Not only that, but this particular hospital is also very well preserved. If you take a tour of the facility, you’ll have the chance to learn more about it.

The head Order of Saint John of Jerusalem was located on Rhodes from 1309 to 1523. Although the knights are long gone, the city still remains. It is now considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Whether you spend just one day here or decide to take your time in order to see it over the course of several days, this is a site that you won’t want to miss.


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