Explore the Mersine Caves in Donoussa, Greece

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Donoussa, one of the smallest Greek islands, is located in the Aegean Sea. Donoussa is a magical destination for anyone who wants to enjoy the natural beauty of the island. The location of this Greek island makes it perfect for a long holiday or a day trip. Donoussa is home to the Mersine Caves, a must-see when visiting the island.

About the Mersine Caves in Donoussa

The Greek island of Donoussa is home to two isolated caves known as the Mersine Caves or the Donoussa Caves. These caves can be reached via a boat excursion from the port of the island. One of the two caves is known as the Cave of the Wall, which is located on the northwestern side of Donoussa. The cave is surrounded by large white rocks. Some of these cliffs drop straight down into the sea, which create sea caves. The Cave of the Wall is home to stalagmites and stalactites. This 20 meter high sea cave is an attraction to see,

The Cave of Fokospilia is located on the eastern side of Donoussa Island. The name of this cave means “cave of the seals,” in reference to the fact that the seals of Donoussa used to make it their home. The Cave of Fokospilia features beautiful crystal water, which is ideal for diving.

What to Do at the Mersine Caves

Getting to the Mersine Caves can only be done via a boat tour. The boat trip to the caves is a beautiful experience itself. View the island from your unique place on the water and don’t forget your camera so that you can remember your trip once back home!

Once you arrive at the caves, you will see the various and breathtaking shades of blue water around and inside the caves. Boat trips may include a stop at Kerdos, Donoussa’s largest beach where you can swim in the turquoise waters. Another stop, depending on the tour you take, is Livadi Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches of Donoussa.

Inside the Fokospilia Caves, you will see small fish, sea sponges, and coral reefs. There is a smaller cave inside Fokospilia, which resembles a lit swimming pool thanks to the light passing through a cavity underwater.

Getting to the Mersine Caves in Donoussa

There is no airport in Donoussa, but nearby Naxos has one that receives flights from Athens on a daily basis. Flight time is 40 minutes. Once in Naxos, you can take a ferry to Donoussa. The trip using the ferry line takes just over an hour. If you’re visiting Koufonisa, you can take the ferry to Donoussa, which also takes just over an hour. Since Donoussa is such a small island, it is quite easy to get around. Car rental is not an option, but you can get around via bus, sea bus, and taxi.

The port of Donoussa is in the town of Agios Stavros. It is here where you will find boat tours to take you around the island, specifically to the Mersine Caves.

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