Visit the Amazing Monastiri Beach in Paros

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Each year, millions of people flock to Greece in order to enjoy what the country has to offer. There are some destinations that seem to get the majority of the people, but that doesn’t mean that the other places in Greece should be forgotten. The island of Paros is one of those places. It’s tucked slightly off the beaten track, but it still does attract some travelers.

Paros is a unique island for many reasons. First of all, it is part of the Cycladic island group alongside Mykonos and Santorini. The architecture, traditions, and culture on Paros has similarities to the other islands in the Cyclades. It is also a modernized island with all the conveniences of modern life. Visitors are able to spend some time relaxing on an island that maintains its traditional appeal while also modernizing with the times.

One of the things that people love to do here is visit the beach. Monastiri Beach is one of the best the island has to offer. Here’s more information about it:

Getting to Monastiri Beach

Before you can lounge on the beach, you need to first make your way to the island. There is an airport here, which means that you can easily find a flight to the island. However, since the island is on the smaller side, you may have some limited choices. You’ll likely want to book your plane ticket in advance to avoid the extra expenses associated with last minute travel. You can also easily take a ferry to the island from major ports in Greece, such as Piraeus. Check the ferry schedules carefully so you can plan your trip.

About Monastiri Beach

Monastiri Beach is located in a pretty area of the island and is near another popular beach called Kolimbithres. The charm of Monastiri Beach lies int he fact that it is located in a rocky area, which means that the beach itself can feel somewhat secluded. This helps enhance its beauty because it discourages large crowds from flocking here. However, there are enough people here to make the beach feel calm and relaxing.

The beach itself is located at Agios Ioannis Bay, which means that the waters are somewhat calm and also on the warm side because of the way the sun’s rays hit the water. There is a monastery nearby and this can be glimpsed from the beach itself. If you have some extra time in your day, the monastery might be worth the visit (as long as you have the proper attire).

What to Do at Monastiri Beach

Locals and tourists alike enjoy lounging on this beach. The water is warm and the shore is excellent for relaxing. Because of the calmness and depth of the water, this beach is also ideal for snorkeling. If you love to glimpse life underneath the surface, you should rent some snorkeling equipment so that you can enjoy this pastime. This is also a great beach that attracts yachts and sailboats. People love mooring here because the bay and beach are both so beautiful. It is also an organized beach that has some nearby services, as well as loungers to rent.

While visiting Paros island, you should consider spending some time at Monastiri Beach.

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