Museums You Should Visit When in Nisyros, Greece

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Nisyros is known as the “volcanic island.” The composition of the island originated from the eruptions that took place thousands of years ago. The earth is brown and the shores of the sea are dark. The island of Nisyros is not only home to fascinating and unique landscapes, but a number of museums as well. When you’re not taking in the breathtaking surroundings, you can explore the island’s history. Here are the museums you can visit when on the island of Nisyros.

The Volcanological Museum of Nisyros

This is the only volcanological museum in all of Greece, so it’s definitely worth a visit when you’re in Nisyros. The museum is housed in an old elementary school in Nikia Village, which is located on the rim of the caldera. The Volcanological Museum of Nisyros showcases pictures and diagrams, rocks, and maps. Some of the specific focuses at the museum include the structure of volcanoes, the volcanoes of Greece, and volcanic processes.

This museum is important to the island as the island of Nisyros is the result of an eight billion tonnes of molten rock explosion. That is thought to have occurred 45,000 years ago. The island itself took its current form approximately 20,000 years ago. The location of the museum is perfect if you think about it.

The Archaeological Museum of Nisyros

The Archaeological Museum hosts findings from the prehistoric establishment on Giali (the volcanic islet opposite Nisyros) and includes items from an intact Neolithic building, other buildings, and a cemetery. The museum also features findings from the necropolis of the ancient city, which date to the Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic periods. You can also view vases, jewelry, and clay figurines that were found at the cemetery in the St. John region, which are thought to have been offerings. There are also findings from Early the Christian, Byzantine, and post-Byzantine era of the island of Nisyros.

The Historical and Folklore Museum of Nisyros

The Historical and Folklore Museum is located in a two-story, 18th century traditional mansion that has been restored. The museum is on the steps to the Monastery of Panagia in Mandraki. Showcased are items such as plows, basins, querns, sickles, as well as everyday objects used by the island’s residents. There are also hand-woven textiles, documents, and photographs of important locals to be seen.

Ecclesiastical Museum

The Ecclesiastical Museum features sacred religious relics, holy gospels, holy vessels, sacred images, vestments from sacred temples, and more. This museum is housed in the monastery of Panagia Spiliani.

The island of Nisyros is rich with history and has the museums to prove it. When you’re visiting the island, you’ll want to stop into one (or all) of these museums.

There is no airport in Nisyros, but there is one on the nearby island of Kos. Once in Kos, you can catch a ferry to Nisyros. Getting around on the island of Nisyros can be done by car. If you rent a car, you can admire the sights at your own pace and see as many or as few as you want during your stay.

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