Where to Enjoy Nature on Kefalonia

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Kefalonia coastlineThere’s no doubt that Kefalonia is a stunningly beautiful island. In fact, this is they type of place that people visit in order soak up the sun, clean air, and enjoy it’s natural beauty. In fact, it is one of those islands that are ideal for those who appreciate nature. Whether you wander through the countryside, lose track of time on a beach, or explore one of the underground caves, there are plenty of ways that you can enjoy the outdoors. Here’s a list of some of our favorites:

Lounge at the Beach

The beaches on Kefalonia are some of the most stunning in all of Greece. They all feature gorgeous, crystal clear water, lounge chairs, and plenty of sunshine. You can easily spend the whole day here without knowing how much time has really passed! Top beaches include Xi Beach, Katelios Beach, Kimilia Beach, and Dafnoudi Beach.

Enjoy Water Sports

If you love to enjoy the water but don’t want to sit all day on a lounge chair, consider participating in some water sports! Popular sports on the island include snorkeling, scuba diving, and extreme water sports such as jet skiing and water skiing. You can also rent a paddle boat, canoe, or kayak and explore some of the gentler waters on the island.

Hike the Hills

Like most places in Greece, there is certainly no shortage of hiking trails. However, the locals don’t necessarily consider what they’re doing as “hiking” when they use them. For most, walking through the trails is how they get around. However, these trails can also provide endless hours of pleasure for visitors. If you want to hike, consider the trail at Lefka Beach, which will give you stunning views of the ocean, and the Agia Efimia- Drakopoulata trail, which starts at the village of Agia Efimia and takes you to a monastery. You also don’t need to take an organized approach. If you simply want to walk through the hills in order to explore, you’ll find plenty of opportunities.

Take a Boat Ride

Another thing you can do while on the island of Kefalonia to enjoy the outdoors is to go on a boat ride. There are several ways you can do this. As mentioned above, you could always rent a paddle boat, canoe, or kayak and explore the waters on your own. You can also take a boat tour, go sailing, or even take a fishing trip!

As you can see, the island of Kefalonia is filled with plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature. Even if you aren’t the type to want to participate in outdoor sports, all you need to do is simply stop and gaze at the scenery. Whether you take a simple walk through the streets after dinner or you eat at a restaurant or taverna with outdoor seating, you will definitely find that this is one of the most beautiful islands in all of Greece.

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