Visit These Outdoor Cinemas While on Santorini

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Santorini is one of those islands that people flock to from all over the world. They are attracted to the island for different reasons. Some are enchanted by the scenery and the promise of a great sunset. Others want to experience a bit of a traditional Greek living as a way to get away from it all. No matter what your reason is, however, you’ll no doubt want to have some great experiences while your here.

If you’re looking for something to do, one of the unique experiences you can have here is to visit one of the outdoor cinemas. There’s nothing quite like watching a movie underneath the stars on this gorgeous Greek island! Here’s more information:

Fira Cinema

This open air cinema is designed in Cycladic architectural style and is located in Fira, the main town on Santorini. Its location on the main road makes it easily accessible. If you decide to take a public means of transport, you can just get out of the bus and head to the cinema. A bar adjacent to the cinema allows you to have drinks as you enjoy the scenes on the cinema.

At the bar you can buy alcoholic drinks as well as snacks as you watch the scenes. It is a fully equipped theater which uses the latest technology so that you are assured the best watching experience. Other treats serviced at the theater include refreshments and popcorns. To enjoy the experience at the theater, you need to travel to this island during the summer because the cinema is only open during peak season. The weather during the off peak months isn’t conducive for enjoying an outdoor cinema.

Cinema Kamari

The outdoor cinema is located in Kamari, which is another main town on the island. This cinema is popular and has been in operation since the early 1990s. You can easily locate it on the main road leading to Kamari. It is set amidst a thicket of tress. Trees provide a relaxing atmosphere as you enjoy the romantic scenes with your loved ones on the screen. Both the locals and tourists prefer the cinema due to quality services offered.

There is usually a different film each night and they also show other types of cinematic works for variety.  Films are shown in original languages. New film releases are shown two days in a week. Most of the movies shown are in their original creek subtitles. You can access a schedule of movies to be shown for a period of three weeks at the cinema. Jazz music is played during the Santorini Jazz festival in the month of July.

Villagio Cinema

The Villagio Cinema is newly constructed but that doesn’t make it any less popular than the others. Refreshments are served to keep you entertained as you watch the films. Films are shown each evening but the timing can vary. It is upon you to check on the time the films will start so that you can arrive
early and get ready for the films.

These outdoor cinemas are surely worth you time in Santorini while you visit. They show different films which make it a great place where you can relax during your stay in the region.

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