Outdoor Sports to Enjoy in Kea, Greece

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The Greek island of Kea is the perfect place for lovers of the outdoors. Kea is home to a beautiful coastline, forests, and paths that are perfect for walking. The weather here is also idyllic, and it provides the perfect backdrop for a really great outing. Here are some of the outdoor sports you can enjoy when in Kea, Greece.

Go Hiking Around Kea Island

If you enjoy hiking, the Greek island of Kea is your ideal destination. Kea is home to some beautiful hiking paths of various lengths. One of the shorter well-known hiking routes is the Karthaia network which begins at Stavroudaki and goes through Haltsidio and Pigi Vathipotamou before ending at Karthaia. This is a 2.3 km route that will take about 50 minutes to hike.

If you want a challenge, the Aristaios route is perfect. It begins in Ioulida and goes through Mesaria, Profitis Ilias, Astra, Ellinika, and Agios Symeon before ending at Karthaia. This is a 12.5 km hike that is difficult and tiring. It will take about 4 hours.

There is also the 7 km hiking route called Drys, which begins at Ioulis. From here you will take the village road to the east of Kea. Once in Gyristi, you will take a dirt road that leads to the Episkopi Monastery. Next you will hit Sotira and its spring. The next location is Tria Maderika where the hike will get more rocky. This section will lead you to the lovely Sykamia Beach.

Dive Off the Coast of Kea

Diving around Kea is a wonderful experience. No matter what your experience level, you can have a dive customized for you. Children as young as 8 years old can take diving lessons. Diving instructors are certified and aim to provide the highest level of safety. There are many interesting dive sites around the island of Kea. Castriani Caverns consists of many caverns. The area is more difficult to reach, but definitely worth it for the unique experience.

Mavrabeli Cape is a wall dive that goes 40 meters deep. Here you will see many fish. Platys Yalos Bay is a great dive site at Kea. You will see large underwater rocks, a small wreck, and caverns. This is a deep dive at 37 meters. At the Marades Bay dive site you will see an unindentified wreck that sits 10 meters deep. This is an easier dive that is recommended for first-timers.

Go Snorkeling Around Kea

If snorkeling is more your style, this is a good experience at have when visiting Kea, Greece. Kea is home to over 20 beaches that are not accessible by car, so a snorkeling trip by boat is a good way to see them. Your family or group of friends can enjoy the experience and the beach all to yourselves. One of the snorkeling sites you can be taken to is ancient Karthea. You can witness first-hand the archaeological excavations that are still taking place. You can also see the ancient dock, which is 135 meters in length. It is visible at 2 – 3 meters below the surface of the water. The water here is crystal clear making it an ideal snorkeling spot.

The island of Kea has a lot of amazing natural beauty. These outdoor sports are all worth trying if you have the time.

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