Don’t Miss Valtos Beach in Parga

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As far as beach towns goes, Parga stands apart from some of the others that can be found in Greece. The landscape here is partially responsible since there is a large hill with homes and businesses nestled against it that stands against the shore. There is also a large castle on top of this hill that seems to keep watch over the waters surrounding it.

Just as Parga has been enchanting its visitors through the ages, Valtos Beach is a major attraction. While there are certainly other beaches in the area, Valtos is constantly listed as one of the top must-see beaches in all of Greece. Here’s a glimpse at what it takes to visit Valtos Beach in Parga:

Getting to Valtos Beach

Valtos Beach is located in Parga, which is on the mainland in Northern Greece. In fact, this is a convenient place to go if you are already visiting Parga. It’s just a short walk that is located at the Venetian Castle that is perched over Parga. No matter if you’re staying in Parga or just passing through, you’ll definitely want to spend some time at this beach, even if you only have an hour or so. The easiest way to get to Parga is to fly into the nearby Ioannina and there are flights that arrive at this regional airport from Athens on a daily basis. Other than that, you could always fly into the Athens Airport and either rent a car or take a bus. However, it’s over a six hour drive from the airport to Parga depending on the traffic. To get to the beach you can either walk, drive your car, take a taxi, or take water taxi from Parga.

What to Do at Valtos Beach

Although Valtos Beach is one of the most popular beaches in all of Greece, it is also three kilometers long. This means that no matter how busy it is, there will always be enough space for everyone to have a good time. When planning your beach day, you’ll want to decide where in the beach you want to spend your time so that you can find the correct parking lot, or have transportation drop you off in the right spot. Once you arrive at the beach, you can lounge on one of the sun beds, take a relaxing walk, snorkel, or even do some scuba diving.

Before you arrive at the beach, you’ll ant to make sure that you are prepared. Make sure you wear good beach shoes. The beach isn’t made up of sand but rather small pebbles that can be tiring on the feet. However, as long as you wear your sandals, you’ll have a great time at this beach. The water is a beautiful, crystal blue that stays warm during the peak tourist season. For that reason, it is an excellent beach for swimming. The landscape is also amazing because the beach is surrounded by lush greenery. Don’t forget your camera!

While in Parga, you won’t want to miss the chance to visit Valtos Beach!

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