Outdoor Sports to Enjoy in Meteora, Greece

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When you think of Meteora, Greece, the many monasteries and rich history probably come to mind. Meteora is a breathtaking place with huge rock formations, mountains, rivers, and valleys. The area is also home to a cave and a natural reserve. The name Meteora means “suspended in air.” The six monasteries and nunneries are perched on top of colossal rock pillars.

It’s no surprise that Meteora, Greece is a great place to go if you enjoy outdoor sports.

Go for a Hike

Any lover of hiking will love having this adventure in Meteora. The landscape only adds to the experience. If you prefer to hike on your own, this is possible. Just make sure you plan your time well because hiking is the slowest way to see the area. The hiking trails go through the countryside and up to the monasteries. You will also want to be sure to pack water, snacks, and sunscreen. Hiking is the best option for seeing as much of Meteora, Greece as you can. If you’d rather hike as part of a tour, you can choose between a group tour or a private tour. These hikes can last anywhere from three hours to almost five hours. Some highlights of any hike you choose include: the renovated monastery of Ypapanti, the monastery of Great Meteoron, and of course spectacular views.

Go Kayaking

The area of Tria Potamia at Koziakas Mountain is a spot favorited by kayakers. It offers a fantastic view of the surrounding landscape. The beauty of the area is unrivaled. There is a kayaking and canoeing center located in the region of Tria Potamia. There you can plan a route to kayak or canoe on the River of Aheloos. If you’re a fan of water sports, you’re going to enjoy one or both of these activities.

Go Mountain Biking

Any avid mountain biker is going to enjoy their time in Meteora. The area of Meteora is known for attracting mountain bikers from all over the world. There are exciting trails that lead from the roads into different parts of Koziakas Mountain. There are also mountain biking tours available for varying levels of ability. From beginners to experiences riders, there is a tour that will suite your needs. A mountain bike tour may involve the following, depending on the tour choosen: mountain biking equipment (bike and helmet), experienced English-speaking guide, and hotel pick-up. A tour lasts approximately two and a half hours and will allow you to enjoy nature and experience the Monastery of Ypapanti.

Enjoy Bird Watching

The area of Meteora is declared a NATURA 2000 site, a wildlife refuge, a World Heritage Site, and an Important Bird Area. The rocks of Meteora serve as a station and shelter for local and migrating birds. The area used to be home to the largest vulture population in Greece. Common birds you will see when visiting Meteora, Greece include the blue rock thrush, the common kestrel, the alpine swift, and the rock nuthatch.

When visiting Meteora, Greece, you have a number of ways to enjoy the outdoors.

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