Nightlife to Experience in Parga, Greece

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The amphitheatrically-built village of Parga, Greece is a picture-perfect spot.This mainland town has the feel of a beach or island town. The village is dominated by a Venetian Castle, accentuated by the turquoise bay, and surrounded by the greenery of olive groves and pine trees. The beaches are long with soft sand, making it a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.

Parga, Greece also has an exciting nightlife, especially during the summer months when the village gets crowded and full of energy.

Experience the Bars in Parga

Parga, Greece is home to many bars. If you enjoy trying new drinks and classic rock, Antico Rock Bar will satisfy both passions. Around Parga you will find different bars that will treat you to a different music experience. If you’re not picky about music and just want to try some local wines and different cocktails, you will be pleasantly surprised at the selection around Parga.

Enjoy a Romantic Date

Like many places in Greece, Parga is a great place to watch the sun set from. Kick off a romantic date by watching the sunset from a cozy spot on the beach, a boat, or a restaurant. There’s nothing better than watching the colors of the sky change around the landscape of Parga. After the sunset, you can enjoy a romantic dinner at one of many restaurants around the village. If the weather is ideal, you may choose to sit outdoors. Restaurants in Parga have some of the most lovely and cozy outdoor seating that will add to your night of romance. Soft lighting, candles, and the moonlight will add to the ambiance of your romantic night.

Check the Local Listings

Events happening at night in Parga can change often, so you’ll want to check the local listings. You’ll find out where to go for live music each night and if there are any concerts taking place. You may even get lucky enough to see a fireworks show while visiting Parga. You never know what might be happening, so ask the front desk of your hotel if they know of anything as well. They will be able to point you in the direction of something you’d otherwise not know about.

Go Dancing in Parga

If you want to go dancing outside of bars and nightclubs while visiting Parga, Greece, you can check the local hotels where traditional music and dancing might be happening. The Parga Beach Hotel has a Greek night sometimes, so you’ll want to check that out if you are visiting during one of these nights. Another option for dancing in Parga at night is the local taverns. Many will have music and dancing a couple of nights a week. This is a great option if you’re looking for a quieter, more laid back night with good food and dancing without the crowds and noise.

The nightlife in Parga is varied so you’re sure to find something to do!

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