Top Places to Shop on the Island of Rhodes

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Rhodes is an island that, for the most part, seems as if it was dropped here from another time. This is especially true in Rhodes Town where evidence of the Knights of Saint John still remains. However, exploring the island’s past isn’t all there is to do here. There are some excellent places to shop, as well. Here is a list of some of the best places to shop while you’re here:

Spend Money in Rhodes Town

If you do find yourself in Rhodes Town, you’ll want to take a break from all that history in order to peruse some of the shops. There are plenty of souvenir shops, jewelry stores, and boutiques located throughout the town, which makes it an excellent place to find souvenirs. There are also a lot of cafes and restaurants here so there are plenty of places to go for a rest once you’re done.

Peruse the Boutiques on Lindos

Are you looking for a gentle, shaded place to shop? If so, then you won’t want to miss the chance to peruse the streets of Lindos! While you can certainly find the normal, touristy souvenir shops, there are many boutiques here who offer more unique wares. Consider shopping for handmade items, which is where the shops here really set themselves apart.

Visit the Folk Art Shops

One of the places where the shopping on Rhodes really shines is in its folk art shops. People from all over the island specialize in various trades, such as pottery, crochet, and jewelry making. It is worth your while to seek out these handmade items. Visit roadside shops, boutiques in some of the cities and towns, and even museum shops for some of the most interesting and high quality handmade goods that the island has to offer.

Buy Wine Straight from the Wineries

If you are looking to bring back a few bottles of wine, you won’t want to miss the chance to buy them straight from the wineries! Spend some time visiting some of the wineries and tasting what they have to offer. Once you’re finished with your tastings, you’ll be able to purchase your favorites to take home. If you have a chance, you won’t want to miss the Emery Winery, which is always a favorite with its guests.

Don’t Pass Over the Street Stalls

Another great place to find unique goods to bring home are the street stalls that are located throughout the island. However, most of them can be found in the larger towns and cities. These are great places to find handmade items such a leather goods, jewelry, and ceramics. You can also buy wine, olive oil, and other food-related goods at these stalls.

No matter where you go in Rhodes, you’re sure to find a lot of great places where you can buy goods to take home. If you want something truly memorable, however, it is a good idea to seek out some of the handmade goods that can be found.

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