A Natural Spa Experience at Therma Beach in Kos

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For visitors to Greece who are looking for a unique beach experience, consider taking a trip to the Dodecanese island of Kos. Kos is located next to the Gulf of Gökova, just 2 miles from Bodrum, Turkey. If you head to the island’s main city center of Kos town, you’ll find a spa-like experience hidden among the coastline. Take a drive for 10 minutes south from the center of Kos town towards the beach and you’ll come across a sign that says Therma, which means “hot” in Greek. At this sign you can either walk down towards the beach or take a donkey ride to the coast. There you’ll find the Therma Beach and Hot Springs.

Therma Hot Springs

Discovered in 1934 by an Italian archaeologist Laourentsi is a natural spring that feeds into the ocean at Therma beach. The water originates from a hot spring in the mountains and flows down to meet the ocean at a natural sea-pool. You can’t miss the Therma sprigs as there are large stones surrounding the small pool. The hot water mixes with the seawater and creates a nice relaxing bath. With water temperature ranging between 42 and 50 degrees Celsius (100 – 120 Fahrenheit), the Therma Hot springs provides a one of a kind natural spa experience.

As the water originates from the mountain, it is rich in many minerals including sulfur, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. These minerals are said to provide therapeutic relief to those with ailments such as arthritis or rheumatism. The pool varies in size so different spots will have different temperatures. If you get too hot you can move to the edge where the sea waves splash in cool seawater or just go for a swim in the ocean.

Therma Beach

While many visitors head to Therma Beach for the relaxing hot springs, the beach is also worth the visit. Unlike many Greek beaches covered in sand, Therma Beach is covered with smooth pebbles and rock formations. Your friends can go take a dip in the hot rock pool while you swim nearby in the ocean. The best part about these attractions is that they have no admission fee. A bus or taxi will cost a few dollars for the trip from Kos town, but the beach itself is free!

A Note for Visitors

The hot springs do contain sulfur, which does have a distinct, sometimes unpleasant smell. However, unlike other hot springs that only have one water source, the Therma Hot Springs is a mix of seawater and the hot springs water so the smell isn’t as strong. Many tour guides also recommend wearing a dark bathing suit as the sulfur and other minerals in the water can stain lighter colored clothing.

Therma Beach and Hot Springs is the perfect stop for travelers with sore muscles from either extensive traveling or going on walking tours. Stop by to experience the hot relaxing waters of Therma while looking out into the sea.

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