Best Villages to Visit on Kefalonia

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The small resort of Assos on KefaloniaIn a lot of ways, Kefalonia is fairly similar to other Greek islands. There are beaches, nightlife, great food, and plenty of ways to relax here. This island, however, is also unique and offers the traveler much more than that! As the largest Greek island in the Ionian group, it’s easy to get lost here. Whether you’re wandering around the beautiful countryside or lounging at the beach, there is definitely something here for everyone. One of the highlights, however, is to visit some of the island’s best villages. Here’s a list of the villages you won’t want to miss while you’re here:


One of the things that sets this village apart from the rest is the fact that much of it revolves around the private marina where many private boats, such as yachts and fishing boats, are housed. Traditionally a fishing village, your main draw to coming here will be to eat some of the specialty seafood dishes and to take in the view. The nearby island of Ithaca is fully visible here.


Assos is a picturesque coastal village located about 35 kilometers north of Argosteri, the island’s largest city. There are only about 100 permanent residences here in this village, which means that when you visit here, you will be rewarded with a relaxed atmosphere that is away from some of the other, more crowded areas on the island. This is an ideal place to find a quiet cafe and pass the day gazing at the sea.


If beautiful scenery is what you’re after and you only have time to visit one village during your stay, Sami should be at the top of your list. Many consider it to be the most gorgeous village on the whole island! Aside from being a gorgeous coastal town, Sami is surrounded by some amazing landscape, including rolling hills and stunning coves. It’s also fairly bustling and is the second largest port on the island. However, its size of 1000 permanent inhabitants doesn’t detract from its charm.

Agia Efimia

If you want to spend some time in a village that is incredibly picturesque, Agia Efimia is the place to be! Most of the village is concentrated around a small bay where small boats, including small fishing boats, are housed. Because of its closeness to the sea, this is another village that is also known for its delicious seafood and amazing views. There are also some nice beaches here, and the streets are especially great for exploring.


If you want a pretty coastal village that is fairly tucked away but still has a fairly good size, consider Lixouri. It’s also easy to get here, especially if you are staying in or near the capital city of Argostoli, you can easily take a ferry. It’s also a good village to base your trip at, especially if you want to stay somewhere that is bustling but not too large.

While visiting the island of Kefalonia, consider spending some time in some of these villages. If you find one that is particularly pleasing, consider staying in a hotel or resort near one of them so that you can get your fill.

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