Visit These Villages in Sterea, Greece

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Sterea is located in central Greece and it is home to the ancient site of Delphi. Only a few hour drive from Athens, Sterea is also home to some of the prettiest villages you will ever see, which offer a host of activities for those visiting them. Here are 4 of the best villages in Sterea to visit:


Arachova sits nearly a kilometer above sea level on the slope of a mountain not far from Delphi. There you will find beautiful stone houses as well as hotels and other forms of accommodation, and in the winter a popular ski lodge near the village is in operation.

Also, close to Arachova you will find many other interesting villages that are rich in both history and beauty, including some by the sea. There are several villages to visit in this region, including Itea, Antikyra, Distomo, Zemeno, and Kalyvia.


The big attraction in Delphi is the site that was sacred for Greeks in ancient times. People often went there to ask Apollo to predict their future. Today, you can visit its ruins, which are some of the oldest from the Neolithic period.

There is also a quaint town just a few kilometers from the ancient site. Located on the slopes of Mount Parnassos, the village has many modern facilities, including restaurants and accommodations. It is also a very picturesque little town, with an overabundance of friendly people. Parts of the town can trace its history back to the 15th century BC.


Mesalongi is a beautiful little village built around two saltwater lakes that are tributaries of a pair of rivers. It is known not just for its beauty but also for being the location for an important battle in Greece’s War of Independence in 1821. It is further where famed British poet Lord Byron passed away 3 years later.

The city today has restaurants and accommodations and a thriving nightlife, thanks in part to a nearby university. Also, nearby you will find other interesting villages. These include Etoliko, Evinochori, and Galatas.


If you love castles, you will really love Nafpaktos. There you will find a beautiful 15th-century Venetian castle located right on the sea. The town also has a pretty port and beautiful mansions to gaze upon.

The village further offers a wide range of accommodations as well as plenty of restaurants, pubs and stores, and it is a popular tourist attraction all year round, including in the winter.

There are also many interesting villages nearby that offer a variety of attractions. These include Monastiraki, Kastraki, Platanitis.

In conclusion, for those visiting Athens, a visit to the nearby villages in Sterea is well worth your time. No matter what time of the year you visit, you will find plenty of things to see and to do there.

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