What to Do While Visiting Zakynthos

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During peak tourist season, Zakynthos is filled with travelers in a frenzy to enjoy the island as quickly as possible. While it can be fun to see as many sites as you can during your stay, it’s all too easy to let the whole time go by with very little relaxation. The truth is that the island has stunningly beautiful. You just need to slow down long enough to actually enjoy what’s right in front of you. Here’s a list of some of the places you should visit while you’re on the island:

Visit the Shipwreck Beach

The island is filled with gorgeous beaches, and the Shipwreck Beach, known as Navagio Beach, stands out above the rest for its beautiful scenery and crystal clear waters. Surrounded by rock faces, this beach does look as if it would be imposing to ships. However, the beach does have a relaxing strip of sand where you can relax and pass the day. What’s especially noteworthy about this beach is that it is fairly isolated because you need to rent a boat to get here.

Go to Porto Limnionas Beach

Porto Limnionas Beach is a little bit more accessible than the Shipwreck Beach. However, you do still need to descend down some steps once you arrive at the bay so that you can enjoy the beach. Once you get here, however, it is extremely relaxing. The water here is especially clear and calm since the beach is located on the bay. This is also a great spot for snorkeling and is also a bit off the main drag. It’s the perfect place to spend some time if you’re looking to find a little bit of relaxation away from the main crowds!

Spend Time on Turtle Island

Turtle Island, or Marathonissi, is another great place to spend some time while you’re on Zakynthos. In order to get here, however, you will need to rent a boat and most trips take an afternoon. It takes some time to get there, and many of these tour excursions give you enough time to explore the island. This is the perfect place to observe some turtles and if you’re lucky, you may even get to see where some babies!

Explore the Blue Caves

The Blue Caves are another beautiful site to visit while you’re spending time on Zakynthos. These caves are also fairly isolated, which means that it is much easier to see them by boat. If you are booking an excursion to a place like Shipwreck Beach, ask if they can take you to the Blue Caves, as well. Many people get to see these caves after heading back from Shipwreck Beach.

Go to the Tsilivi Waterpark

While there are certainly plenty of places to visit on Zakynthos that have natural beautiful, the Tsivili Waterpark, though a departure from that, is still worth visiting. In fact, this parkĀ is perfect for adults and families alike. Many visitors report that this was the perfect place to spend some time in the sun while also doing something different.

While on Zakynthos, you won’t want to miss these sites!

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