Why Are There Yellow Grooves in the Sidewalks of Greece?

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When we visit Greece, chances are pretty good we have an agenda. We arrive in the country with a desire of basking in the magic of Greece – whether we enjoy the beaches, cuisine, shopping, sightseeing, or just want to spend the whole time relaxing and enjoying the weather. We know where in Greece we plan to go, and we often have our itinerary all mapped out.

Yet, when we do arrive in the country, we realize that although it is a place filled with plenty of delights to see and enjoy, this is also a nation where every day life moves forward, no matter what we decide to do as visitors. There are a lot of things here that seem similar to what we have in our countries of origin and some that aren’t similar.

Infrastructure in Greece is Different

This can be found in the very infrastructure of the country. Little details such as the way the street signs look, the way the buildings are shaped, and how the roads are organized are different. It may not feel like much has changed, but when you really stop to look at it, there’s a realization that you really are in a different place and some of these things might be small, but they could take some getting used to.

For example, if you decide to drive in Greece, you will immediately notice that the signs are different than they are in the United States. The changes aren’t anything that isn’t intuitive or that you can’t learn about quickly, but they can be noticeable.

Yellow Groves and Stripes Located Throughout the Country

Another detail that you might notice is that there are yellow groves and stripes located in various places throughout the country. You might see them on sidewalks, on the roads, in the airports, or maybe even at metro stops. These stripes are made of a different material than the roads or sidewalks are and the difference in texture is noticeable.

Why do these groves and stripes exist?

The answer is very simple. They are in place to help give those who are blind or who have impaired vision a chance to find their way. Yellow is a visible color that can be easily seen by those with impaired vision. The textural difference allows those who need to follow it the chance to use their sense of touch. If walking with a cane, tapping on that surface will make a different sound then if a cane were tapped on the pavement.

As it turns out, this surface is used throughout the world, not just in Greece. It is becoming the standard for those who are trying to maintain independent lives through a disability.

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