How to Know if You Should Continue Dating Someone

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Continue Dating SomeoneYou finally found a Greek man or woman to date. You’ve been out a few times so far. Things have been going fairly well. You’ve been getting to know each other and taking your time. Whenever you go on a date, you know you will have a good time.

However, even though there is nothing wrong, you also don’t want to waste your time. How do you know if you should consider seeing the person or not? Use this guide to help you figure out what your next steps should be to see if you should continue dating someone.

Consider a Second Date

Some people are convinced they can tell if a person is a good match or not after the first date. While it is a good thing to honor your intuition, one date may be too soon to tell if your intuition proves correct or not. Unless your date completely misbehaved by doing something cruel or offensive, you may want to at least consider giving him a second chance.

Getting to Know Each Other

Instead of revealing everything about yourself within the first few dates, you should consider a different approach. Although you may think that telling your date everything about you is a good thing, the opposite is actually the case.

Don’t avoid answering questions, but also don’t say everything at once. For example, if you had been married before and you ended up in court to settle things, you don’t need to give all the details. You can just say, “My ten year marriage didn’t end well and we wound up in court.” Then, tell the story in full at a later date if the relationship progresses.

If you share pieces of your life little by little it can add an air or mystery and intrigue, which can help build a lasting relationship. As you learn more and more about the person you are dating, it will become obvious after the first five dates or so if it is worth it to continue.

Your Core Values

Another major factor in deciding if someone is worth pursuing for a long term relationship is if your core values match up or not. For example, if you value family you will naturally want someone who also feels the same way about his family.

When your values are in synch, it can lead to lasting happiness. If things are out of synch in several major areas, such as religion, children, and family, it is better to walk away.

Trust Your Intuition

Even though you want to avoid making judgments too quickly, it is also important to trust your intuition. If your instincts are normally reliable when it comes to understanding people, you will definitely want to trust them while you are dating. This could save you a lot of heartache in the future.

So, how do you go about cultivating your intuition? Learn how to pay attention to your true, inner voice. If your first instinct says that you don’t like a person, for example, honor that voice. Determine what it is you don’t like, and learn how to walk away from a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable.

How do you know if you are on the right track with Greek dating? Most people who are in long term relationships often say that they knew on the first meeting that they were going to be together. While this may not be realistic, it does show us that intuition can play a big part. Your goal is to find a balance between trusting your instincts and giving people a fair chance.

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