Greek and Single: How To Survive Getting Fixed Up

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Bad Blind DateYour mother knows someone from church. Your sister has an old friend. Your best Greek friend has a cousin. Your cousin went on a date but decided the person is a better match for you. Everyone knows you’re single and for some reason, they all want to help you find your match.

So, is it a good idea to let them help you? Your first instinct is to shoot these attempts down. Not only that, but if the date goes poorly it can cause some awkwardness within your social circle. What if you get fixed up with your best friend’s brother and the date is a complete disaster?

Making the Case to Go for It
The common school of thought is to go for it and give the person a chance. Yes, there is a risk that the date will be a complete disaster as a worst case scenario, which is fairly rare. However, you could find a wonderful Greek to share your life with. Mostly, you could pass a nice evening together but then decide that you’re not suited for each other. That’s okay, too.

Dating is a Numbers Game
Dating really is a game of numbers. Sometimes it takes a while to find someone who is the perfect fit for you. Whether or not you meet the person from your own life, from a dating site, or from someone else really doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you find someone. The more people you meet, the better.

Surviving the Blind Date
So, you agree to let your friend fix you up with his cousin. Now what? Here are some tips that can make the process much easier.

  • Arrange to meet right away. One of the ways a blind date can go wrong, ironically, is by talking, emailing, or texting too much before the date happens. Simply arrange for a meeting and use the date to form your impressions and get to know the person. Sometimes talking too much beforehand sets you up for failure because you lose the ability to have an accurate assessment of the person.
  • Choose a public place. There are several reasons why this is a good idea – safety being the most important. Also, meeting in a public place can give you a way to get out of the date quicker if it isn’t going well.
  • Meet for coffee. This is a very simple way to meet at first. Coffee is great because if you make a connection, you can easily extend the night or make plans to see each other again on the spot. If things aren’t going well, you can think short without causing an awkward situation or being forced to sit through a long date.

Mostly, it helps to have an open mind. Technically speaking, getting “fixed-up” can be a good idea. Those who know you best may have insights as to the type of person who will be a good match for you. Or, they could completely have it wrong. Either way, there is no harm in giving their suggestions a try.

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