Top 5 Valentine’s Day Dates for Greek Singles

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Valentine's Day DateValentine’s Day is widely recognized as a day to celebrate love. For Greek singles, this can be a somewhat stressful time. It is nice to have someone with whom to celebrate the day. However, spending it with the wrong person can be difficult.

Do you have someone to spend Valentine’s Day with? If so, there is some pressure to have an outstanding date. Here are some ideas for Valentine’s Day dates that Greek singles will appreciate.

1) Take Her Out for Dinner

Sharing meals together is a big part of the Greek culture. If you are taking a Greek single out for Valentine’s Day, going out for dinner is a great option. You can either keep it traditional by going out for Greek food or find a unique restaurant that you both will enjoy.

2) Make Her Dinner

Have you been dating someone for a while? If so, then having a romantic evening in your home is an idea. Why not invite her over for dinner? Even though going out for dinner is always fun, making the meal yourself will win you extra points. Set the mood with candles, soft music, and a menu that is designed to impress.

 3) Revisit Your First Date

Have you been dating for a while? Was your first date a success? If it was, a great option for a Valentine’s Day date is to revisit the site of your first date. This works especially well if you went out for dinner or took her on another romantic outing. Even going bowling can be romantic on Valentine’s Day if that was your first date.

4) Research the Trendy Hot Spots

Is your date someone who loves to follow all the latest trends? If so, she will be impressed if you secure a table at the hottest restaurant or tickets to the latest show. Making the extra effort to find out what’s popular will help you win points with your Greek date and help the evening be a success.

 5) Keep it Greek

Are you both proud of your Greek heritage? If so, you may want to consider attending a Greek event for Valentine’s Day. Check your local listings for Greek events such as dances, movies, and even concerts. You can even go out for dinner at a Greek restaurant or cook an authentic Greek meal for her yourself.

No matter how creative you try to be, there are certain expectations for how the date is supposed to go. On this type of date, it is important to make her feel comfortable. Give her flowers or chocolates at the beginning of the date.

Take her to her favorite restaurant. Act like a gentleman for the entire evening. If she expects a gift and fancy meal and you take her sky diving instead, she will be disappointed. Most of all, remember that a successful date has more to do with meeting her needs and listening to what she wants rather than impressing her. Just be yourself and put her needs before yours and your Greek single will appreciate your efforts.

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