Meet Greek Singles by Hosting Parties

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Hosting PartiesAre you a Greek single? If so, chances are pretty good that you’ve tried almost everything to meet someone special. You attend church functions and Greek events, you’ve tried dating online, you even let yourself get fixed up. No matter what you’ve tried, it still hasn’t worked. Now what?

One strategy you may want to try is giving regular parties. This is a twist on “getting fixed up” except it lessens the stress of a solo date. Here are some ideas that will help you meet someone special using this strategy.

It’s All About Networking

If you want to meet people that you are interested in dating, it’s all about networking. Sometimes, the best love matches occur when you meet someone through people you already know. Anyone you come in contact with has the potential of either being a good match for you or knowing someone who is.

The idea is to keep an open mind when you talk with people in your circle. They may just know someone who would be perfect for you. Once you do find out about someone who has potential, your next strategy is to figure out what to do about it.

Why Hosting Parties Works

Have you ever been fixed up on a blind date? On rare occasions, going on a solo date can work. However, the stress of this kind of date usually outweighs its effectiveness. Being in a one-on-one situation with someone you’ve never met can be nerve-wracking.

This is why hosting parties is such a great idea. If one of your friends has a Greek single in mind for you, all she has to do is invite him to one of your parties and then leave it up to you to strike up a conversation. Based on the simple conversation, you can decide if you want to pursue things further or not.

Size of the Party

There are two strategies you can use if you decide to hold a party as a way to meet a Greek single. You can either have a large party or a smaller one. A large party will allow you to meet a lot of people in a short amount of time. If the party is on the smaller side, it will give you a chance to focus your attention on a fewer number of people.

What is the best type of party for you? Well, a lot of it will depend on your personality. If you are a little shy, you may thrive in smaller group settings. If you love larger parties, this may be the ideal party size for you.

Yes, throwing parties can be a great way to meet Greek singles. However, this shouldn’t be your only reason for hosting a party. If people sense that you are throwing parties just to meet a potential love match, it may seem forced. The ideal situation is to throw a party simply because you want to. Then, if you happen to meet someone you connect with, that’s an even bigger bonus.

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