Identify the Qualities of Your Perfect Partner

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Perfect PartnerSo, you’re on the Greek dating scene. You do your best to meet people wherever you go. You’re open to getting fixed up on a blind date. You’ve even tried to navigate the online dating scene by trying one of the Greek-themed dating sites.

Some of your dates have gone well, others haven’t. You recently discovered the problem – you’re unsure of what you’re even looking for in your perfect partner. Before you continue dating, it’s important to figure out what you really want in a partner.

Think About Your Future

The very first thing you should do is determine how you view your future. Do you want to live in the area where you grew up or would you like to move somewhere else? Do you want children?

You don’t need to know everything because life often doesn’t turn out the way we predict. However, you’ll be off to a good start with your future partner if you want the same things out of life.

Your Core Value System

When first dating someone, it is easy to get swept up in the rush of falling in love. Too often, couples focus on this feeling without discussing their core values and making sure that they synch up.

Some couples even forget to have this discussion or they have it several years into their relationship. By then, letting each other go is either out of the question or the break-up that ensues will be extremely painful.

To solve this problem, determine what your values are and discuss this with your future partner over the course of your first few dates. Examples of values include religion, importance of family, opinions on marriage, and work ethic. The longer you wait to have these discussions the harder it is to walk away.

Learning to Adapt and Compromise

Being able to adapt and compromise to your partner is an art but it is essential to a healthy partnership. No one is right one hundred per cent of the time even if they think they are. However, some people are more willing to adapt than others.

Where do you fall in this spectrum? Are you adaptable or do you tend to be fairly stubborn? It is not healthy to be either too laid back or too stubborn and each individual should strive for balance. However, everyone has his or her natural tendencies.

What is your natural tendency? You should find someone who balances you out. If you tend to be laid back, you should find someone who is a little more intense and vice versa. A good relationship is all about balance.

In order to have a successful partnership, you need to first discover which qualities you are looking for. That way you can begin to search for these qualities from the beginning and walk away if you don’t find what you are looking for. Just remember that life often throws unexpected scenarios your way. In order to get through these unexpected moments, it is crucial to know what you want ahead of time.

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