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First Date ActivitiesSo, you finally met someone you think might have potential. You’ve endured getting fixed up, you’ve visited the Greek dating sites, you’ve even learned how to meet people when you’re out and about. Now, it’s time to master the art of the first date. Basically, you will want to do something fun which will allow the conversation to flow easily.

While nothing can change the fact that you simply may not click with the person, there are some things you can do to ensure the date is a success. Aside from having the right mindset, what you do on the date can matter. In other words, if your first date is fun, relaxed, and offers plenty of opportunities to talk and get to know each other, your chances of clicking with each other will be even higher.

Here are some winning first date activities to give you some ideas. Feel free to use any of these suggestions for second and third dates, as well. Sometimes, it takes more than one date in order to decide if you should consider seeing someone.

Casual Recreational Sports
Casual sports such as bowling, mini golf, roller skating, ice skating, or even hiking are winning activities for a first date. They provide a fun, relaxed environment for getting to know each other. If the conversation goes stale, you can always concentrate on the activity itself until the conversation picks up again.

Visit a Museum, Zoo, or Aquarium
On a first date, doing something that takes the focus off each other while still allowing conversation is a great combination. That’s why museums, zoos, or even aquariums are good choices for a first date. You can comment on the exhibits and use that to stimulate conversation. This provides a relaxed and intellectual setting for getting to know each other.

Take in a Theater Performance
Does your date enjoy the theater? If so, this is also a great choice for a first date. Unlike movies and concerts, there is an opportunity to get to know each other. There’s plenty of time while waiting for the performance and during the intermission to have a conversation. Plus, you can also plan on grabbing dinner before or after the performance. After is the best choice because you can talk about the show if you can’t find anything else to say.

Subdued Live Show
Think jazz, classical, a piano bar, or a talented local artist. Though concerts are typically loud and don’t foster conversation, subdued performance venues offer plenty of opportunities for conversation. Grabbing dinner and a drink before or after the show to give yourselves even more opportunities to talk. Plus, the music will give you something to talk about.

Are you looking for date ideas? These suggestions are not only perfect for a first date, but they are also great as dates throughout the course of your relationship. Your overall goal is to rise above the typical “meet for dinner date” to do something more interesting while still allowing for plenty of opportunities to talk and get to know each other.

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