Tips for a Ksenos Dating a Greek

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Ksenos Tips for Dating a GreekHave you started dating a Greek? Well, you may have already noticed that there are some differences between you. In order to survive the dating game, it helps to understand the different cultural nuances. The more you understand, the easier it will be to build a relationship together.

Getting to Know the Greek Language

If you aren’t already familiar with the Greek word “ξένος” (pronounced “ksenos”) you will be. The literal meaning of ksenos is “stranger,” but it is also used to describe a foreigner or someone who is “not Greek”. That’s you. Over the course of your time together, you’ll no doubt be exposed to Greek words such as this and having knowledge of what they mean can be very helpful

Your best plan of attack? Get to know the Greek alphabet just enough so that you can look up these words. Download a Greek dictionary app on your phone or purchase a dictionary. Google Translate is also a good resource. Learning some Greek lets her know that you accept her cultural roots and are willing to adopt them into your own life.

Participating in Greek Orthodoxy

Is your love interest an avid churchgoer? Church is a big part of the lives of most Greeks. Even if they don’t attend church regularly, chances are pretty good that they’ll at least make an appearance on major holidays and events such as Christenings and baby blessings. And, if the subject of marriage ever comes up between you, it is likely that you’ll discuss the possibility of having the wedding in the Greek Church.

Rather than dismiss her religion, it helps to have an open mind. Make a serious effort to attend church with her if she asks. Attend the church-related events she asks you to. If she’s inviting you to her church in the first place, she’s showing you how important the church is in her life. By participating with her, it shows that you accept it.

It’s All About the Family

Family is very important to a typical Greek. Much of her social calendar involves her family and she is not only close to her immediate family, but her extended family as well. You may notice that she has close relationships with her third and fourth cousins, for example, whereas you may not have even met your third and fourth cousins.

So, what should you do? If she invites you to her parent’s house for dinner, simply go without complaining. You may not have spoken to your family yet this month, but in the Greek culture that rarely happens. You may not be used to being around your family much of the time but she is – and she enjoys it. If you attend family social gatherings with her willingly, you’ll win serious brownie points.

If you start dating a Greek, you may notice that culture is different from what you’re used to. Understanding these differences and knowing what to do about them will help you build a long lasting relationship.

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