Rules of Texting While Dating Greek Singles

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Rules of TextingAre you on the Greek dating scene? These days, communication is very much affected by the electronic age. Though people still use more traditional forms of communication, methods of communication such as texting are also very common. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to use texting while dating. Here are some rules of texting that will help you send texts in a balanced and effective way.

Don’t Use Too Many Abbreviations

If you love texting, you may be tempted to use abbreviations when you get in touch with your love interest. However, abbreviations should be avoided while dating because they look impolite and it can also be confusing. Instead, form completed sentences so that you can show your date your best self.

Keep it to a Minimum

No matter how tempting it is, don’t use texting to help you get to know the other person. Instead, pick up the phone and call her or wait until your date to have a conversation. Only use texting for simple things. Sure, you can set the date using texting, but even with that, you’re better off calling.

Avoid Overanalyzing

When texting, it can be all too easy to overanalyze every little thing she said. Since you can’t hear her voice, it is impossible to know for sure what she means when she writes something. That is one of the reasons why speaking in person or actually calling is preferred. It is a lot easier to communicate. Texting can cause misunderstandings; especially if the person receiving the text takes something you said the wrong way.

Keep it Simple

Another problem people have with texting is that they tend to make it too complicated. That is why it is difficult to do anything but hold simple exchanges on it. Any conversation that tends to be challenging should either be done on the phone or in person. Leave texting for simple communications, such as saying a quick hello on a busy day.

Respond to Your Texts in a Timely Manner

If you’re just getting to know someone, it is best to respond to them as quickly as possible when they text, otherwise they may feel you are blowing them off. This not only results in hurt feelings, but they could also lose interest in you unless you are responsive to them. Do your best to respond to their texts quickly so that you don’t hurt their feelings.

Difficult Conversations Aren’t for Texting

Have you ever been broken up with over text? Not only does this lack class, but also it is very hurtful and impersonal. If you no longer want to date your Greek single, you owe it to them to at least pick up the phone to tell them. The same goes for other challenging conversations, such as determining if you have a future with someone and even proposing to them.

Though texting can make your life easier, it can also cause problems. Instead, follow this general guideline. You can use text messaging to hold simple conversations, but whenever you have time, it is much better to make the effort to pick up the phone to call.

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