Greek Dating – Who Should Pay?

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Greek Dating - Who Should Pay?You’re determined to meet that special Greek with whom to eventually spend your life. You’ve done everything you can think to meet people such as joining Greek dating sites and attending Greek events. You’ve even met a few people who have had potential and you’ve gone on a few dates.

As if dating isn’t awkward enough, determining who pays for the date can be difficult. Women are more independent than they were when our parents dated. Not only that, but there are multiple ways you can meet someone and plenty of options for dates. It can be hard to sort out who should pay for the date. Here are some guidelines that can make things a little easier.

Who did the asking?

Did he ask you out? Then he should pay. This is the simplest way to determine who will pay the check at the end of the date. Whoever does the asking should be the one who pays for the date. Knowing this, do things still get awkward at the end? Well they shouldn’t be. Whoever asks, pays.

Discuss it in Advance

Despite this rule, things can still get awkward at the end of the date. There are a few reasons for this. The first is that some people believe that all dates should be split 50/50 to keep things equal. If you would like to do anything other than adhering to the “whoever asks pays” rule, this should be discussed before the date even begins to avoid confusion.

Meeting for the First Time

If you are meeting someone for the first time and the date is fairly casual, it is acceptable to pay your own way, even without discussing this in advance. For example, if you meet someone online and decide to meet for coffee or for drinks at a bar, it’s okay to pay your own tab. In this instance, your goal is to meet the person for the first time in order to decide if it is even worth your time to continue dating them.

Old Fashioned Chivalry

There are some people who opt to take a more chivalrous approach while dating. If this is the case, then they believe the man should always pay for the date. If this is the case, it doesn’t matter who did the asking or how casual the date is. The man will be expected to pay. If you are dating someone who approaches dating in this way, there will never be confusion. Then man will simply pay no matter what.

Establishing Friendship

These days, it is perfectly normal for a man and a woman to simply become friends. If you have friends of the opposite sex, anything goes in terms of who pays. Friends often split the bill, cover the other person for a night out, pay their own way, or whatever else makes sense for the situation. Don’t let the differences in gender confuse things.

While Greek dating, it can be easy to get confused over who pays for what. Just remember that each situation is different and use this information as a guide.

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