Successfully Dating a Fellow Greek

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Yes, dating someone outside of the Greek culture poses some unique challenges. However, so does dating a fellow Greek. Most of us believe that dating a Greek man or woman will make our lives easier. In some ways it does, and in other ways it poses a unique set of complications that will need to be addressed over the course of the relationship.

Both Families Will Be Involved

This can be a joy and a curse. In the Greek culture, families tend to be really involved in the relationship – or they try to be. Often, this can pose conflict not only between the two people in the relationship but it can cause strife between the families. To survive this, talk things through with your partner before giving your opinions to your families. If you are both unified in your stance, family members will have no choice but to accept and respect it.

Is your partner from Greece?

Another thing that can be a potential issue is if you were born in the United States but your partner is directly from Greece. Even though you share a unified culture, if you were born in the United States you will also have a slightly Americanized viewpoint which can clash with his more traditional Greek upbringing.

Deciding Where to Live

If you are just dating and have no plans to marry, this may not be an issue. However, if you do plan on getting married, you may have differing opinions. If you are from the United States and he is from Greece, he may eventually want to move back, especially if his family is still in Greece. A lot of couples in this situation compromise by maintaining homes in both countries.

Managing Passionate Temperaments

Being passionate is a big part of how we have been raised. We speak our minds, argue loudly, and laugh with our whole being. To the outside observer, we often look as if we’re constantly yelling or angry at each other.

We aren’t necessarily angry but over time, even our Greek partner may grow tired of this boisterous level of communicating. The solution, then, is to spend some time working with your partner to communicate on a deep level that works with your passionate nature rather than against it.

Dealing with Conflict

One area where our loud, passionate temperaments can cause problems is if there is conflict. The natural tendency is to raise our voices so we can be heard. However, this isn’t always the best way. If you are constantly yelling at each other, it is a good idea to learn how to communicate in a way that celebrates the passion you have for each other while also respecting each other’s viewpoints.

Dating a fellow Greek man or woman, in many ways, does make our lives easier. We have similar backgrounds and values, which can help, create a relationship destined for success. However, being from the same culture does pose some unique challenges. However, since you do share the same culture, it is much easier to resolve any conflicts that do arise.

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