How to Meet a Greek at a Local Greek Event

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Singles Local EventAfter years of being single, you’ve finally decided to meet a Greek man or woman to share your life with. One of your strategies for meeting someone special is to attend local Greek events in the hope of catching someone’s eye.

You were right – there are Greek singles who attend these functions. However, you need some help actually meeting them and approaching them. Here are some strategies that will break you out of your shell.

Select the Right Event

Some events are better than others for meeting potential love interests. A gathering of local Greeks at a party or singles event, for example, is a great place to meet them because they both encourage mingling. A concert, however, is a bad place to meet someone because most people are engaged in the performance in an environment that is not conducive to meeting new people.

Don’t Go Alone

Believe it or not, surrounding yourself with some of your friends makes it easier to meet others. However, your group shouldn’t be too big or else it will be intimidating. You should go to the event with at least one other person. Make sure that you have a good time even if you don’t meet anyone. If you have fun with your friends, you will eventually attract positive attention.

Make Eye Contact

One of the easiest ways to let someone know you are approachable and interested in meeting them is to make eye contact. An effective tactic is to catch his eyes briefly and then look away. A few minutes later, you can do the same thing again. At this point, if he is interested, he’ll make the first move.

Make interesting Small Talk

One of your best tactics for meeting Greek singles at local events is to learn how to engage others in interesting small talk. One of the best tactics for breaking the ice is to notice something about the person and start talking. For example, if he is wearing an interesting t-shirt, feel free to comment on that and see where the conversation goes. If he’s interested, he’ll start asking you questions and before long, you could be exchanging phone numbers.

Understand That You’re Not Perfect

Yes, making conversation is an art. However, approaching someone in the first place can take a lot of courage. One thing that helps considerably is to get over the fear of being embarrassed and to understand that you’re not perfect.

Every now and then, you may say something that doesn’t make any sense or you may do something that leaves you feeling mortified. If you take these moments to heart, you will live in fear and won’t take the necessary risks needed to eventually meet someone special.

Meeting eligible Greek singles at local Greek events is an art. Using these tactics may help you find someone special. Remember to always select events you will find fun and attend with your friends. That way, even if you don’t meet someone special, you will still have a great evening.

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