Top Strategies for a Healthy Relationship

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Healthy RealtionshipYou did all the right things to help you meet an eligible Greek. Your reward is that you have been seeing someone exclusively for the past few months. Things have been going well and, in your heart, you know the next step is to continue to build a healthy relationship.

The beginning stage of any relationship is the most optimal time to make sure you are not only right for each other, but also that things start off on a positive note. Here are some strategies that will help you build a great relationship that will last.

Become an effective communicator.

Developing your communication skills as a couple is one of the most important ways to help make your relationship last. What is great communication exactly? In a basic sense, it is a couple’s ability to talk about things in a calm, respectful manner.

If two people want to genuinely get to know each, other doing so will automatically make their communication skills better. The key is to be respectful of each other’s feelings.

Talk about the hard stuff.

In the beginning stages of your relationship, it’s okay to gloss over the difficult topics. Yes, it is essential to be honest about your life from the beginning. However, it isn’t necessary until things progress to give more details.

For example, as you start dating someone, you can give the person an overview of your relationship history. As you get to know each other and if things are starting to look serious, you can begin to give more details about your experiences.

Bring up the future.

You naturally want someone who has the same vision of the future as you do. It may not necessarily be appropriate to bring this topic up at the beginning of your relationship.

However, after a few months, you should have a talk about where you see yourself in the future to see if your desires align.

Topics to consider include having children, where to live, whether or not you will be active in the Greek Orthodox Church, how you’ll spend your money, and what kinds of jobs you’ll have. Basically, you’ll want to agree on all the major issues.

Spend time together.

This may seem obvious but some couples really do have trouble planning time to spend together. It’s all too easy for our busy lives with work and family to get in the way. However, no matter how busy things get, it is important to schedule in some quality time to spend together.

This is not only important as you’re building a relationship, but also after you’ve been together for a while. Even married couples have difficulty finding time to spend with one another.

In romantic movies, meeting someone with romantic potential is often where the film ends. The implication is, now that they’ve met, they’ll live “happily ever after”. In real life, the notion isn’t that simple. It takes work to build a healthy relationship that lasts. These strategies will make the process a lot easier.

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