Greek Dating – How to Start a Conversation

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Greek DatingYou have a goal to meet and eventually begin a relationship with an eligible Greek. So, you do everything you possibly can – attend church, let other people fix you up, visit area Greek events and festivals, even join Greek dating sites. Yes, people do approach you and start conversations but for some reason, you have trouble doing the same. Are you missing out?

Just because you’re shy and maybe a little nervous doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to approach people you may be interested in. Just like any skill, it simply takes practice. Not only that, but you can actually determine before you approach them if they will welcome the chance to get to know you.

Smile – It’s Your Most Important Tool

Most people believe that they need to find something clever to say before they can speak. This isn’t true. All you really need to do is smile. If you look friendly and approachable people will be more likely to respond favorably to your attempts at conversation.

For example, if you see someone you would like to speak to, look up at them and smile. If they smile back, chances are pretty good that they’ll welcome a conversation from you.

Make Eye Contact Before You Decide to Approach

Another thing you can do before you attempt to speak to someone is make eye contact. Here’s how to make this tactic work for you:

  1. Find someone you want to start a conversation with. It helps if they are about halfway across the room or further. Any closer and eye contact seems a little silly.
  2. Look up at them and smile. Do they smile back? If they do, go on to the next step. If they don’t, find someone else.
  3. Next, make eye contact. You can smile again or you can keep your expression neutral. If they hold your gaze for a few seconds, that is a good sign they want to get to know you better.

With eye contact, it is best to only hold their gaze for a few seconds. Otherwise, the intensity of a long gaze may be a turn-off.

Starting the Conversation

So, you’ve smiled and made eye contact and it seems the person would welcome the chance to speak with you. Now, all you need to do is approach them and start talking. All you really need to do is say hello. They may even start the conversation themselves after you make the initial move. If not, then you can start things off by making a comment about the environment, complimenting them, or even introducing yourself.

The first time you try to talk to someone may be a success or it may be a little embarrassing. Either way, it will be a learning experience. You’ll get better over time. Remember that if you’re perceptive you should be able to tell if someone even wants you to approach him or her in the first place. If not, simply keep smiling and making eye contact until you find someone who seems receptive to having a conversation.

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