Greek Beach Vocabulary Words to Know

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While in Greece, you’ll no doubt want to spend time at the beach. You may want to practice your Greek language skills while you’re there! Before you do that, you’ll want to learn some Greek vocabulary words related to the beach.

Greek Beach Vocabulary Word List

Here’s a look at the essential words you’ll need to know. Pay attention to how some of the nouns are actually accompanied by adjectives, as is the case with “Red Swimsuit” and “Sandy Beach”. This is to give you more of a feel for how to give your Greek language skills a bit more life.

  • Swimsuit – το μαγιό – to mayio
  • Red (black, blue, etc) Swimsuit – το κόκκινο (μαύρο, μπλε, etc) μαγιό – to kokkino (mavro, ble, etc)  mayio
  • Beach – η παραλία – I paralia
  • Sandy Beach – την αμμώδη παραλία – tin ammothi paralia
  • Ocean – ο ωκεανός – o okeanos
  • Mediterranean Sea – Η Μεσόγειος Θάλασσα – I mesayeeos thalassa
  • Sun – Ο ήλιος – o ilios
  • Sunglasses – τα γυαλιά Ηλιού – ta gyaliá Ilioú
  • Swimming – κολύμπι – kolimbi
  • Beach Towel – την πετσέτα παραλίας – tin peseta paralias
  • Seashell – το κοχύλι – to kohili
  • Beach Chair – την καρέκλα παραλία – tin karekla paralia
  • Sand Castle – το κάστρο άμμου – to castor ammoo
  • Suntan – το μαύρισμα – to mavrisma
  • Palm Tree – το φοίνικα – to finika
  • Life Guard – ο ναυαγοσώστης – o navagosóstis
  • Sunscreen – το αντηλιακό – to aftiliako
  • Bikini – το μπικίνι – to bikini

As you can see, there are some important words and phrases you’ll need to know to enjoy the beach in Greece. You don’t necessarily need to memorize these words but you should at least read the list over a few times so you can become familiar with them. As you practice them, you’ll memorize them more and more.

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