Learn How to Speak Basic Greek

In this section you will find many articles about the Greek conversational basics of how to speak the language. This is a great starting point for people traveling to Greece that might not know or understand the basics of conversational Greek, to get by when visiting Greece!


How to Say the Colors in Greek

Colors are an important part of any language because they give us ways to describe the world around us. You can’t go to places like Santorini, for example, and... Read More

Telling the Time in the Greek

When it comes to learning another language, there are certain, basic skills that you will need. Telling the time is one of the most important. While in Greece, peopl... Read More

Counting to 1000 in Greek

If you don’t want to spend time memorizing lists of vocabulary, you should really make an exception for learning the numbers. Being comfortable with the number... Read More

How to Order Food in Greek

When visiting Greece, one thing you will hopefully do a lot of is eat plenty of authentic food. If you learn nothing else in the Greek language, being able to order ... Read More

Counting to 100 in Greek

One of the best skills you can have in the Greek language is knowing the numbers. Especially while in Greece, you will encounter numbers on a regular basis, such as ... Read More

Understanding Greek Diphthongs

No matter what your goals are for learning the Greek language, you do need to have exposure to certain grammatical concepts. Many English language speakers who start... Read More

Ways to Say Hello in Greek

One of the first phrases you need to get a handle on in Greek is how to greet another person. However, greeting somebody in the Greek language might be a little bit ... Read More

Get to Know the Greek Alphabet

No matter what your intentions are for learning Greek, such as learning some basics as you travel to Greece or honing your = language skills as a Greek American, you... Read More