Greek Vocabulary Words for Shapes

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When describing your environment, there are some common words that are typically used. One of the more common types of words that can be used in descriptions are the words for the shapes. Most of us know some of these terms from our classes when we were in school.

However, that’s not the only way they are used – they can also be used in descriptions. There are both “official” shapes (straight out of geometry class and “descriptive” shapes (such as dot) in this list. Here’s more information about how to say the shapes in the Greek language:

Saying the Words for Shapes in Greek

  • Shape – το σχήμα – to skima
  • Arc – το τόξο – to toxo
  • Circle – ο κύκλος – o kiklos
  • Cone – το κώνο – to kono
  • Crescent – μηνίσκος – miniskos
  • Curve – καμπύλη – kambili
  • Dot – κουκκίδα – kookitha
  • Ellipse – έλλειψη – elleepsi
  • Hexagon – το εξάγωνο – to eksagono
  • Octagon – το οκτάγωνο – to octagon
  • Oval – το ωοειδές – to oeethes
  • Pentagon – το πεντάγωνο – to pentagono
  • Pyramid – η πυραμίδα – i piramitha
  • Rectangle – το ορθογώνιο – to orthogonio
  • Sphere – σφαίρα – sfayra
  • Square – το τετράγωνο – to tetragonal
  • Star – το αστέρι – to asteri
  • Triangle – το τρίγωνο – to trigono

You probably won’t need to use these words all the time, but you should at least be familiar with them. Read through this list a few times and memorize any shapes that you think you may need to use a lot when you are speaking, reading, or listening to the Greek language. There’s no need to memorize these words unless you think you might have a need for them!

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