How to Ask Where People Are From in Greek

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While conversing people in the Greek language, the topic of where you’re from is sure to come up. The Greek people are curious about the visitors that come to their country, and they will ask you plenty of questions out of curiosity. At the same time, they also expect you to ask where they are from. Here’s more information:

Asking Where People Are From and Then Answering

They will usually start things off by asking, and in turn you can also ask them the same way after you answer.

  • Από που είσαι; – Apo pou eissai? – Where are you from?

Your answer will usually start off in the following way:

  • είμαι από … – Eimai Apo… – I am from …

Knowing How to Respond With the Name of Your Country

From there, your response will differ depending on where you’re from. You can answer with a city, region, or even a country. Saying you’re from a particular country is the most common response. Here’s a look at how to say the various countries from within the sentence.

To recap, you will start off by saying – είμαι από (name of place). Here’s a look at what to say after είμαι από depending on where you are from. The English translation would be I am from (name of place). Here’s a look at some responses:

  • την Αμερική – tin ameriki – America
  • την Αγγλια – tin aglia – England
  • τον Καναδά – ton kanada – Canada
  • την Αυστραλία – tin avstralia – Australia
  • τη Νέα Ζηλανδία – ti nea ziladia – New Zealand
  • την Ιρλανδία – tin irladia – Ireland
  • την Σκωτία – tin skotia – Scottland
  • τη Βοστώνη – to vostoni – Boston
  • την νέα Υόρκη – tin nea yorki – New York
  • το Σικάγο – to sikago – Chicago
  • το Λος Άντζελες – to los andzeles – Los Angeles
  • το Λονδίνο – to londino – London
  • το Σίδνεϊ – to sithnee – Sydney

These are just a few examples. If you are traveling to Greece or think you will need to speak Greek in the near future, it is worth your while to look up exactly how to say how you’re from in Greek. This is one of those questions that you will likely need to answer more than once, especially if you have traveled to Greece on vacation.


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