Ordinal Numbers in Greek from 20th to 100th

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In a previous article, we talked about the ordinal numbers from 1st to 20th. However, there are many more numbers than that! According to Webster’s Dictionary, an ordinal number is defined as, “a number designating the place (such as first, second, or third) occupied by an item in an ordered sequence” and “a number assigned to an ordered set that designates both the order of its elements and its cardinal number.”

These numbers are expressed by saying 20th (twentieth), 30th (thirtieth), and so on in the English language. Here’s a look at how to say the ordinal numbers in Greek from twentieth to one hundredth.

Greek Vocabulary – Ordinal Numbers from 20th to 100th

Here’s a look at how to say these numbers, plus an example of how to firm the next numbers in the sequence.

  • Twentieth (20th) – εικοστός – ikostos
  • Thirtieth (30th) – τριακοστός – triakostos
  • Thirty first – Τριάντα πρώτα – trianda prota
  • Thirty second – τριάντα δευτερό – trianda theftero
  • Thirty third – τριάντα τρίτα – trianda trita
  • Thirty fourth – τριάντα τέσσερα – trianda tessera
  • Thirty fifth – τριάντα πέντε – trianda pende
  • Thirty sixth – τριάντα έκτο – trianda ekto
  • Thirty seventh – τριάντα έβδομη – trianda evthomi
  • Thirty eighth – τριάντα όγδοο – trianda ogthoo
  • Thirty ninth – τριάντα ένατο – trianda enato
  • Fortieth (40th) – τεσσαρακοστός- tessarakostos
  • Fiftieth (50th) – πεντήκοστος – pentikostos
  • Sixtieth (60th) – δέκατος έκτος – thekatos ektos
  • Seventieth (70th) – εβδομηκοστός – evthomikostos
  • Eightieth (80th) – ογδοηκοστός – ogthoikostos
  • Ninetieth (90th) – ενενηκοστός – enenikostos
  • One Hundredth (100th) – εκατοστός – ekatostos

The pattern for forming the numbers is the same for each, so only the numbers from 21st to 29th are completely listed out. This is another one of those principals where you just need to learn a few words and then learn about the pattern so you can expand your vocabulary considerably.

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